Day 30 ~ 2 Last Pairs of PJ Bottoms!

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Last Thur I hit 22 weeks pregnancy exactly!! I planned to get a lot more done, but got a letter about what ‘great things’ the new health care plan is doing to my insurance & finding out my premiums will be DOUBLING on Jan. 1st to maintain maternity coverage (and this is still BY FAR the cheapest plan available from any company by $100’s) I was distracted & pretty useless most of the day. After miss cutting my precious owl flannel TWICE I gave up until about an hour ago when I decided to finish up 2 pairs of PJ bottoms to finish out my crazy month. The first pair is just like the pair of XL that I made for DH for his b-day but these are for his younger brother for Christmas.

Then I made myself some too. I just made the same XL with the low rise 1/2″ off the fold to make them a tad skinner (wasn’t up for cutting out a new pattern) for me & cut 1″ off the bottom. I also cut a slight scoop in the front. They turned out great & are SUPER comfy!


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  1. Penny
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    Those are very cute. Isn’t insurance a night mare?!

  2. Jocelyn
    | Reply

    Hi, Kymy! You are way too cute with that pregnant belly! 🙂 I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and am looking to make my own labor gowns for the hospital. I found ONE pattern on Lazy Girl but it’s so plain jane. Any plans to draft a cute one for yourself???

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      It’s on my list, though honestly I don’t know if I will get to it!

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