Day 26 ~ Birthday PJ’s for the Hubby!

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So today is B’s 31st birthday!  We had a nice day out with the kiddos, made a chocolate cake AND frosting from scratch (it was YUMMO!).  Then the kids ‘helped’ me make 2 pairs of PJ bottoms for B.  I made him 1 pair last year & they are is all time favorites, so it was about time I made some more.  The ‘help’ provided was cute & out of love though it mostly consisted of answering questions X3 each step of the way.  Anyway 30 minutes later & this is what we have !

I used CarlaC’s Easy-Fit Pants for Tweens, Teens  & Adults, Sizes XXS-3X L and I am very happy with how they turned out.  I just serged my elastic on for the waist band instead of making a casing because it is faster and I also did a traditional 1/2″ hem instead of the cuff.  I must say the lower rise option for this pattern is truly a lower rise, so I would NOT suggest it for men or boys.  But this will now be my go to pattern for PJ bottoms for both men & women, it’s easy to customize & fast and easy to put together!

I just used snuggle flannel I bought last year on Black Friday for $1.49 a yard & some football fleece I got for $2.99 or $3.99 a yard the same day.  MUCH cheaper then buying them and a way better fit, especially for taller people.  My hubby is 6’1″ & often has to buy 2XL or 3XL for length & he is only an XL around at best, so it is a nice change to see him in pants that fit… it almost makes him look scrawny!

For his length/size it took 3 yards of flannel for the pool ball pair & only 2 yards of fleece  since it is wider & you can cut the opposite direction.  The fleece pair are by far his favorite, now I need to make up matching ones for me & the kids out of the rest of it!  He was not up for modeling shots, but here’s a few quick snap shots….

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