Day 23 ~ Back To School Tunics & Cloth Baby Wipes!

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Yesterday was a busy day!  The twins first day of preschool was actually on Tuesday but when we found out that it was Prince & Princess day I let them wear their made by mama princess gowns that I made for their 3rd b-day instead… I didn’t get great pics on their 1st day of school, but they are TOTALLY them. Look at Baylie’s attitude? I WILL be purchasing a shot gun when they get into high school!

That also meant I put off finishing the tunics that I had nearly finished a week before to match the back to school skirts I made them. So literally 10 minutes before we had to go out the door I was up cutting out the apple appliques for the tops with the girls watching closely… after I got it cut out one of the girls (Carlie I think) said ‘it looks like a pocket!’ and they both started jumping around yelling ‘we get apple pockets’. I have to say, 3 year olds are pretty darn smart :). So instead of a boring applique we have an apple pocket! I love how they turned out minus the not having time to iron them because I literally got done, the tops on them & bows in their hair the minute we had to leave to be on time. They absolutely adore them though, & that makes it all worth it!

I made the tunic using the Miss Madeline Dress pattern from YCMT & just shortened it!

Again not great pictures, but you get the idea :), Carlie is on the left & Baylie is on the right!

Baylie bug after school showing off the pocket…

And a close up ‘action’ shot…

Later that evening I almost managed to serger up 35 double sided cloth baby wipes for my sister too!

4 Responses

  1. Angie S.
    | Reply

    Those are such cute outfits! Oh I envy you!! The things you make are just amazing! Lov’n it!

  2. Sabrena N.
    | Reply

    I don’t think that a picture with those cuties could be bad…they are adorable! You make the most incredible stuff! I want to be you when I grow up!

  3. Cheryl
    | Reply

    The cloth baby wipes, are they wash cloths or (as we called them) spit rags?…….

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      They are cloth baby wipes for wiping little bums :). My sister has started clothing diapering & decided to use cloth wipes too since she is already washing the poopy diapers. But they can be used as wash clothes (they are about that size) or spit rags too if someone wanted.

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