Day 21 ~ Rooster Tunic Tops & Capri Leggings!

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It has been so sunny the last few days that I have started getting excited about spring & summer!  So after making those ‘Miss Madeline‘ from YouCanMakeThis for my nieces I decided to make them tunic length for the twins!

I had a cutting mishap at first because I forgot the fabric was directional, but I caught it in time luckily!  They went together fast & easy and turned out even cuter then I could imagine.

I struggled with what to do for bottoms, but decided some capri length leggings would match well & be handy to have for other tops & dresses too.  So I pulled out some black cotton/lycra I had (my favorite for leggings!) and a pattern I drafted a few years ago &  made these up.  I worked on both in pieces here & there but they went together really fast, I think I might have spent MAYBE an hour total on the 2 tunics & 20 minutes on both pairs of pants?  I love this combo & plan on making more :).

Cute, simple & practical!

Carlie was being cranky at first so here is just Baylie

Then their little ‘photoshoot’ excuse the hair they had been wrestling & I couldn’t find a brush!

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  1. Peta
    | Reply

    They are adorable Kymy. Would you consider putting your legging pattern and capri pant pattern from last month in your tutorials?

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I will be honest, I love offering free tutorials when it is for basic stuff with maybe one or 2 peices, or just pictures. But making a pants patterns & then doing the grading of the sizes… if I was to go that far with patterns I would probably be selling them because it’s a lot more time that is involved. I do have some other tutorials I plan to share soon though!

  2. Peta
    | Reply

    Oops that would be the ruffle pants pattern from last month.

  3. Shelli
    | Reply

    WOW!! Don’t your girls just look ADORABLE in those? This is one pattern that is DEFINITELY on my to-do list. I am loving the way that I am seeing people make them up and their fabric/colour choices – very motivating!

    P.S. Hair schmair! I swear my kids hide the brushes in my house, just so they dont have to brush their hair!

  4. Jenica
    | Reply

    OMG – adorable!! I love doing dresses at tunics, too! I’m scared of knits and have never tried making my own leggings, though.

  5. Christine
    | Reply

    Oh my your girls are cute! I just started following your blog so this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of them. I giggled so hard, they just make you want to smile!!! What a talented MOMMY you are!

  6. April: Modern-Mama
    | Reply

    So adorable! Is it bad that at almost 27 I would wear this if it were my size? haha. I saw in the previous comments that you wouldn’t want to give out the pattern, but I’m curious if you happen to have ordered the fabric online that you could share a link to it? I would love to make myself some leggings using a pair that I already own as a pattern, but I am unsure exactly what kind of fabric to use since I’m still rather new to sewing.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I am almost 26 & love wearing tunics with leggings! I wasn’t quite old enough to enjoy the trend the first time around! I just used cotton lycra I got at a local fabric shop!!! I think it is like 70% cotton 30% lycra or something like that… it’s like the little bit thicker fabric you find on some t-shirts. It is also 4 way stretch! If you ask me next week when I get more I should be able to tell you. I actually plan on making myself some too 🙂 all the ones I had from before I lost weight are way to big now!

  7. Su
    | Reply

    Very cute. I love what you have been doing this month.

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