Happy Birthday To Me!

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Well yesterday was my birthday… man how time flies!!!  Anyways I had a nice day just spending time with B & the kids.  He and Zander even made me some cupcakes.  I got lots of e-cards from friends & family as well as lots of facebook comments.  B wanted to get me a patio set for my birthday but I told him it could wait because we found a desk for his new office that he NEEDS and that was more important.  Plus even if he got me a patio set this weekend it would have to sit in a box for weeks until we can get the back yard finished.  I think he thinks I am losing it, but his desk is more important for now!  Plus all I wanted was a nice relaxing day with the family which I mostly got (cranky kiddos got up way to early at daddy’s house!).

Zander & I went and spent some time together before and after preschool while the twins were at home napping.  We like to volunteer because we get to spend time together and help the animal shelter out!

One of the best presents? The day before my b-day my blog got it’s 300,000th hit! It makes me happy to know that my blog can help others out.

That being said this morning I woke up to quite a lovely surprise, my co-op order arrived faster then I expected!  It’s a bunch of different fabrics I had ordered over the past few months and finally filled a box for shipping.  I have to say if it wasn’t for patience & co-op pricing I wouldn’t be able to afford to sew because I LOVE this stuff & most of it can not be found locally, and if it can it is NOT cheap.  Just having it show up (even the day after) was an awesome birthday treat!  Anyways it was lots of yummy goodness…

Knit Interlocks…

6 yd Dr. Seuss (M.O.M Designs)

3 yd Mushroom (M.O.M Designs)

2 yd Iced Giraffes (Kumquat)

2yd Pink Chickadees, 2yd Blue Chickadees(Mad Sky)

1yd Pink Hearts, 1yd Blue Hearts (Mad Sky)

Finally last but definitly not least some patterns!  I actually have more on the way but I didn’t want to wait the extra few weeks.  I got from top to bottom, left to right…

Favorite Things Little Prairie Girl

Favorite Things Prairie Girl

Portabello Pixie Ruffle Pants (to go with my Claire & Gracie patterns)

Oliver + S Sailboat Top, Skirt & Pants

I am really excited & have some fabric in the wash right now & have started tracing the sailboat pants for the twins.

Nighty Night to everyone!

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  1. Erin
    | Reply

    A fabric co-op? How do I join? Seriously, how does something like that work?

  2. mamati
    | Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday
    Love the fabrics, hope you had fun and your site does help others a lot which is why i keep coming back.

    I would also like to know more about the fabric co-op sounds intresting.

  3. Kimmie
    | Reply

    I tried to join a fabric/pattern coop on a Yahoo group site once, I sent a friendly e-mail like they asked, but I never did hear back from them. I guess they were too snooty to accept a new sewer. Go figure. I haven’t had the courage to bother going through that sort of thing again, I’d rather pay full price and skip the jr. high level drama!!

  4. Lauren
    | Reply

    oooh i’m off to google (if you’re super bored and need to send some emails to kill time, i’d LOVE to hear about what co-op you’re doing and what ya think of it! i do an organic produce co-op locally, but that’s about the extent of my expertise! 😉 ) xo

  5. AMS
    | Reply

    Do you have any blue hearts scraps? I’d love to buy it from you if leftover.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Sorry I don’t!

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