Fleece Kermit Blanket

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Well one of my biggest issues with fabric storage is all the FLEECE!  Its cute, but just takes up SO much room!  Well Zander & I talked about what he & his sisters should get dad (my ex) for Christmas.  I remembered that I had some Kermit fleece some place that I had bought to make a blanket for him before we split up.  I asked Zander what he thought & he was super excited about getting daddy a blankie!  I wanted to try to have Zander help me sew it but at 1AM this morning I decided why the heck not just make it now!  He can help me wrap it tomorrow (well technically later today).

I am actually glad I made it by myself as the fleece is a bit cumbersome when you are sewing 2, 2 yard cuts together, especially in my small messy sewing area.  Anyways MAYBE 30 minutes after starting I had finished & was taking a picture :).  I have at least 5 or 6 yards of printed fleece that I would like to do this with & some solids to match… plus the solids are $3.99 a yard right now at JoAnn’s so I can get the rest of what I need tomorrow!

Anyways now for the good stuff, the pics!

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