It’s been one of those months!

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Well it’s been at LEAST 7 weeks since I have gotten anything accomplished with my sewing!!! I had some health problems & when I started doing better my grandma passed.

Well almost 2 weeks ago I was finally in the mood to sew again! So I started making the twins holiday dresses for pictures. I found the perfect vintage pattern & the fabric & trim I wanted… a few hours later & 2 bodices finally done enough to try on… & they were to big for my 3 yr old!!! Of course it was the day before pictures so I just put them in some RTW ones I got used at a multiples sale.  I know that I can finish them for next year, but its SO frustrating.

So its been over a week since & my Portabellopixie Claire pattern FINALLY arrives 3.5 months after it was supposed to? So I got all my pieces traced & cut out 2 complete Halloween dresses. When you have to make clothes 2 at a time everything takes almost twice as long just for one project! Anyways I have been working on them at night the last 2 days and last night had the bodices finished, the design on the apron done & attached to the apron to the skirt.  So this morning I gathered the skirts & pinned them with LOTS of pins to the bodice so they would look even & straight.  I attached it with the regular sewing machine glanced at it… looked good, on to the serger…. yeah I didn’t catch the error until AFTER I serged it !  I had sewn part of the bodice into the seam… I didn’t realize it since I was using so much black fabric! And since I sewed it in so far & then used the serger that cuts off access (about almost 1/4″) it cut off just enough ot the bodice piece that it going to have holes!  Yes I can rip the seam out (have to if I redo the whole bodice anyways) but it’s not a part of the dress that I can use an applique to patch over it.  With the elastic in the neckline I don’t think I can easily replace just that piece with out taking it completely apart… & it would be easier to just cut 4 new peices & start over.  None the less I didn’t have enough time to make a new one finish them for the pumpkin patch today .

Honestly its a very simple pattern… but a STUPID mistake… just like the holiday dresses… It is a big3 pattern I KNOW they are always off on the sizing, so I should have checked the sizing first.   Everything I touch seems to break!!!! The ONLY thing I have been able to make was a apron for a fall swap on a small private forum I belong to & it still caused me tons of headaches & had to have at least 12″ of topstitching ripped out & re-done.  I am afraid to touch anything!!!

Well hopefully I get my sewing mojo back soon cause I have lots of Christmas presents to make!

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