Calla Lily Skirt for Christmas

Hey! Sorry it’s been quiet here on the blog. I’d love to say it was because I’ve been busy creating beautiful things, but the ugly truth is that I’ve been in a rut with no motivation to climb out. Until this week, I hadn’t touched my sewing machines since before Thanksgiving! Then my oldest reminded me Monday night that I’d not finished the skirt I’d cut out for her for Christmas and that she needed it to wear to their school concert Wednesday night. That was apparently the kick in the pants I needed.

Luckily, the Calla Lily Skirt (<adult sizes link, since she’s taller than me now … but the Calla Lily Skort is available in girl’s sizes, too!) is a super-quick sew. ** Ahem, sorry about the quality of my photos today. By the time she gets off the bus from school, the sun has practically set and, considering that she was also braving the 15*F weather plus wind, this was the best I could get this week. **


My girl had gone fabric shopping with me way back in early November and picked out this white knit overlaid with lace and sequins. We bought it with the Calla Lily in mind and then I procrastinated because I knew it was such a quick skirt that it wouldn’t take long at all. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to print and tape the pattern and cut it out than it did to sew the skirt! I chose to finish the bottom edges with a rolled hem on my serger and the skirt has a solid black yoga waistband per my daughter’s request.

p1000593c   p1000607c

My girl loves the dramatic hi-low hemline. She styled it with a black tank top and white bolero she had in her closet (it was too cold outside to wear that for pictures, though) and wore her black ‘Get Moving’ Leggings underneath to keep warm. She looked gorgeous and got several compliments from her friends at the concert. It’s always a bonus to sew something for my middle-schooler and have her come back to ask for a more in different fabrics! I think she’ll be learning to sew the Calla Lily as her next project!

p1000596c   p1000614c

We were both giggling as the wind caught her skirt during our mini-photoshoot. Man, I cannot wait until it warms back up and the sun is out more!!

Now that this Calla Lily Skirt has gotten me back at my machine, I’ll have to see how many of my already-cut projects I can actually get finished before Christmas arrives!!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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