Back to School in Capsule Skirts

My dear daughter reminded me a little more than a week ago that she needed new uniform skirts for school since last year’s are all too short! After telling her to stop growing(!), I hopped online and ordered some navy ponte and then printed out the Girl’s Capsule Skirt pattern. I am so glad it’s such a fast sew because, after the fabric’s shipping time, I only had a couple evenings to sew them up!


She chose the regular waistband and no pockets (Crazy, I know! Who doesn’t want pockets?), which made the skirt even faster to put together. I used the shorter front hemline and longer back hemline, because I know she likes to push her waistbands down under her belly but has inherited her mama’s round derrière so the back usually waistband sits a little higher. I love how the hemline options mean a level hem on all body types!

I took her measurements recently and she’s moved up to a 14 width, but is almost 3 inches taller than the height for size 18! I swear she’ll be taller than be before she turns 11 next summer (which isn’t saying much, since she’s only 1.5 inches shorter than me now). Because she’s so tall, I followed the included instructions to cut and spread the skirt pattern piece. I decided to add 5 inches to the length to make sure it would still meet the dress code requirements next spring.

P1080594web   P1080598web

I’m so glad that I could whip up a few Capsule Skirts rather than dragging everyone through the stores to find something that would work for my tall girl! I’m also glad that she loves wearing mama-made. She’s now requesting that I sew up some pants to fit both her waist and height. I think I’ll wait until cooler weather hits just in case she has a growth spurt before then. 😉

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  1. […] I used a mid-weight denim with a small amount of stretch. For the waistband, I used some navy Ponte de Roma with spandex in the content, which I had left over from making my daughter Capsule Skirts for her school uniforms. […]

  2. […] she was wearing a hand-me-down Capsule Skirt that I’d originally sewn for my oldest daughter as a uniform skirt. It was the second (or third) time she’d worn it that week, while we’d been visiting […]

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