Piko Top in Sweater Knit

I was perusing my patterns this week to see what inspired me to get back to sewing, which is almost always a task in itself after a marathon of making procrastinated holiday outfits (I finished the last Easter outfit at 2am Sunday morning, lol). As I was looking, I realized that I’d never made a Piko Top. I knew this wool-blend sweater knit would be perfect, so decided a Piko would be my “back to the machine” project.


I think the toughest part was deciding which view and which sleeve length to make. I eventually chose to sew the side tail option with short sleeves. The only changes I made were to widen the sleeves a bit for my monstrous upper arms (a “normal” modification for me *sigh*) and to add a couple inches to the length for a bit more tummy and rear coverage.

P1040301   P1040306

Other than those two changes, I followed the pattern to a T. From printing the pattern to taking the last stitch, I was done in under 2 hours! It was the perfect project to jump back into sewing after a holiday outfit marathon.


I ordered this fabric online and, when it arrived, found it wasn’t quite what I needed for the project I’d bought it for. I sure am glad I had it on hand to make up into this Piko Top. It is cozy without being heavy … perfect for Spring!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  1. Julia
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    Great looking top! Where can I find this pattern?

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