Earth Day Giveaway from Babyville Boutique!

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I must say nothing is more adorable than the cute little fluffy butt of a baby in a cloth diaper!  Today being Earth Day I thought it was appropriate to share one of my favorite eco-friendly projects, cloth diapers.  Today’s cloth diapers are can be as easy to use as disposables but with out all the extra waste.

Until recently you either had to buy diapers online if you wanted them to be waterproof, or had to order special PUL fabric online along with the other diaper making supplies like plastic snaps an diaper velcro.  I was so excited a few years ago when the Babyville Boutique line of supplies were released!   Not only are they cute but are sold all over the place including Hobby Lobby & JoAnn’s.

Their fabrics and pattern books are great for lots of eco friendly projects, and now you can sew your own cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost of most diapers on the market.  Even if you don’t want or need to cloth diaper the PUL fabrics and great for many other projects including swim bags, laundry basket liners, seat protectors and more!

Personally I have had the most experience with cloth diapers and the wet bags… The PUL years later after lots of washings it still vibrant unlike a lot of stuff I have seen purchased from online supply shops.  I highly recommend it, especially if you are just getting started with them & want to start small & make sure you like it.  The fit of their diaper patterns is nice, and they have lots of diaper making related tutorials on their site as well. Their products are affordable, have gotten very easy to find and they offer lots of coordinating pieces.

This is the most recent diaper my sister and I for my 2 yr old. It is a pocket diaper made with the BB pattern using BB PUL and EZ Adjust Tape. The inner is crushed panne from JoAnn’s which you can get on sale often, it wicks moisture away, poo is easier to get off it and it comes in SO many colors it’s fun to match up.


Recently they sent me a box of goodies to test out and play with… I will be honest and say I have helped my sister use them many times before as well as own items made with them and have been very happy with the diapers that years later we still have!  So instead of keeping it all for myself (I did keep a few pieces off PUL for some future projects & tutorials) I have decided to give it away to 1 lucky reader!


One winner will receive:

1 copy of ‘Baby Essentials Made Easy’ from Babyville Boutique. This is a 60 page book with over 30 projects using all different Babyville supplies as well as techniques and how to instructions with tips for using specialty items like PUL and snap pliers. This does NOT have a diaper pattern.

2 21″ x 24″ cuts of PUL fabric (red and white)

1 roll pink BBoutique Easy Adjust Tape

1 12 set pack of BBoutique EZ Adjust Tabs in boy & gender neutral colors (these are precut so the edges don’t fray as bad as most types of velcro)

1 2ct pack of sew on appliques (roses & pretty girl)

You have 2 chances to win…

1.) Comment on this blog post about what you items from their site you would like to try the most or other items you would love to see with what they currently offer!

2.) Share a link to this blog post on your facebook and leave a 2nd comment after you do that!

Enter now until 11:59pm PST 4/24, limit 2 entries per person.  Winners outside the US must pay for shipping.  I will pay for shipping within the US.  The winner will be drawn using

23 Responses

  1. Thersa
    | Reply

    I would love to try out their cloth trainer patterns and the EZ tabs.

  2. Thersa
    | Reply

    Shared on my Facebook page

  3. Betty Coe
    | Reply

    I would like any pattern and also the EZ tabs. But I would be happy to get any of the products. I shared this on my facebook and google plus pages.

  4. JulieCC
    | Reply

    I love the Mod Girl line! I’d love to make a lot of bibs with it!

  5. Mama Lee
    | Reply

    I would LOVE to try the Playful Friends Monkeys PUL to make some diapers for my new little guy, mama cloth, a changing pad, a wet bag, & whatever else I could think of. I LOVE monkeys :0)!!

  6. Anina Duren
    | Reply

    I’ve used a bunch of their stuff before, but haven’t made anything with the cowboy print yet!

  7. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I would love to try some of the FOE for headbands!

  8. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I posted on facebook & twitter too

  9. Michelle j.
    | Reply

    I would love to try the Stay-Dri wicking fabric.

  10. Anna N
    | Reply

    I would love to try the BBV trainers patterns, and also using FOE to make covers.

  11. Jenn Combs
    | Reply

    I would love to try the FOE. I love their PUL.

  12. loischapo
    | Reply

    I would love to try their dinos and monsters PUL set.

  13. Cindy Segura
    | Reply

    Shared on Facebook … I would Love to try EZ Tabs and all their Products I Love the items they have & hope to see more added in the near future. Thanks for the opportunity

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Your welcome! Thank you for visiting EYMM

  14. Jess
    | Reply

    I would love the FOE, I have heard that it is much better than the other FOEs that are being sold online. I would love to see more girly character prints! Oh and to have the tags sold in seperate packs to go with each theme. So instead of mixed tags, just being able to buy the ones that match the mod girl series!

  15. Jess
    | Reply

    Shared on my facebook page!

  16. Kari Jensen
    | Reply

    I really like the dinosaurs, I would love knit fabrics to go with or bamboo soaker fabric.

  17. Kari Jensen
    | Reply

    Shared on facebook 🙂

  18. rubyslippahs
    | Reply

    Would love to have the book in my hot little hands!

  19. Sophie Hernandez
    | Reply

    I would like to try their monsters and dino print PUL and perhaps some matching appliques.

  20. Janice McCary Hartley
    | Reply

    Such a cute website! There are so many different things I would love to try, from the cute diaper pins to the snaps. I would love to have ALL of their books! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all who enter.

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