2011… What a YEAR!

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I have to say last year at this time I knew change was coming… but you never really know until it actually arrive just where it might go. We had some huge & wonderful changes this year with the birth of baby number 4 on ground hogs day. Parker has been such a blessing I can’t imagine not having him underfoot non-stop! I can’t believe that this was almost 1 year ago.

That being said all that wonderful change was a lot more involved then I had remembered it being almost 4 years before that with the twins!  I didn’t get to do as much crafting or blogging this year as I had hoped, but some of what I did do was just amazing!

I had a few favorite projects this year… I loved the Natalie Dresses I made for the twins for Easter which I am very sad to say they have now out grown!  They wore them at least 1-2 times a week all summer long.  I need to make them new ones in the next size up for this coming spring & summer.

I think their Halloween projects were the first real creative mojo I go back after Parker was born.  I had SO much fun and they turned out so amazing, we got some many compliments on them it will be hard to beat next year! ARGH! The twins pirate costumes & Parker Want a Cracker? w/ Mini Tutorial

Then there came the crochet… I have done if for years but this year I rekindled my love for the art :).  It was something simple that kept my hands busy while I was in my zone out wind down time before bed.  I haven’t had a chance to share my washcloths and dishcloths yet but I did share some beautiful scarves!

Then there are the capes… the hundreds of capes!  I didn’t share a lot of pictures this year because well you have seen them plenty over the last few years.  That being said this holiday season was busy as usual but between the holidays and having undiagnosed strep for 4 weeks I was glad to finish & ship out the last big batch!  This is was 72 capes in process look like!

Now if I could pick one notable thing craft wise from 2011 that I think has permanently changed the future of crafting I would have to say that would be Pinterest!!!  It is like crack fro the creative mind.  It allows you so find, save & look at millions of things at the the click of a mouse & you can organize what you want & need.  This has become such a huge tool it is crazy.  That being said it is also really easy to waste an hour during nap time if your not careful ;).  Pinterest Got Your Interest?

Even though I haven’t been able to blog as much as I like I have to say thanks to you my blog has really grown!  There are now over 450 email subscribers alone with an average of over 3,000 hits a day & over 1,000,000 hits this year alone! I can’t wait to see what I can do next year.

That being said the last few months have not been great health wise!  We have fought colds & lots of strep throat and just when I think things are better and the year is almost over my little guy suddenly gets a nasty case of croup & bronchitis most likely caused by RSV.  So after 3 hours in the middle of the night on the last day of the year followed by little sleep & lots of phone calls to track down meds on a holiday I am quite happy to see 2011 come to and end and look forward to what is to come in 2012!

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  1. thx for your blog, such a huge inspiration. Congrats on your 4 kids. I have only one daughter and I’m always running. You must a superwoman. Happy new year. 2012’s gotta rock.

  2. vicki
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    love your blog! and I’m with you about pinterest! SOOO ADDICTING! I love crafting and live for it. And Pinterest makes me look like the most awesome mommy ever with all their cool ideas!
    Keep it up girl! Your kids are beautiful!

    mom of 6
    ages 31, 30, 28, 24, 8 & 5
    Happy New Year!

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