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Here in the pacific northwest just north of Seattle on Whidbey Island we don’t often  get snow but once a year & many years we will go with out, so I had 3 VERY excited little monkeys this morning when they saw that magical white stuff falling from the sky!

Luckily school is out for conferences this week anyway, so we have a stocked kitchen & no need to leave the house.  We spend the morning cleaning & drinking hot cocoa and the went out to play for a while before lunch (which included more hot cocoa & warm apple cider!) and a nap.  I only snapped a few quick pictures but I was shocked at how good they turned out as I literally only had my camera outside for a minute.  I plan on taking some more tomorrow when we go out to play since the snow should stop falling & it will be sunny though very chilly out.  25 for a high is warm for a lot of places this time of year but not normal for use NW’s that are used to wet mild winters.  I can’t wait to take more pictures tomorrow as well as more snuggles, hot cocoa & warm apple cider… does it get any better then this?  Well I guess we could put up our Christmas tree… it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas, and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!  I love the holidays :).

They look like a children’s clothing ad from a magazine, it’s crazy!  Baylie (purple), Carlie (pink) & Zander!


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    They look adorable! you have beatifull kids!

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