NICU Smock Pattern FREE


NICU Smock Pattern

I drafted this pattern 4 years ago after my cousin’s little boy Benjamin was born months early weighing in at 2lbs 8oz I searched everywhere for preemie cloths to fit!  Babies less than 3lbs are considered ‘micro-preemie’ & you can actually find some stuff on the internet to buy made, but not many patterns.  So after looking at different things I drafted up a pattern for a NICU friendly preemie smock that fits a good range of sizes.    When babies are in the NICU it really helps the parents to see their little ones wearing some sort of clothing.  BUT with all the monitors & wires many clothes are difficult to get on, or they get in the way of the wires or the nurses… which is what makes these so great!

I do not want to sell this pattern because I did not create it so people could make them to sell or I could profit off of it, but to encourage people to help others out.  For that reason this pattern is free for personal and charity sewing only.  Charity does NOT count as selling them and donating part of the profits.  These are intended to be given/donated to families and hospitals in need.

This pattern, the pieces along with the instructions & photos, are copyrighted & may not be sold or reproduced without the written consent from the owner of Everything Your Mama Made & More!  Feel free to link people back to the blog where they can access it for free.

Before sewing items to donate to the hospital (this or others) PLEASE contact them first & ask what they need… you may need to bring this in to show them before they can give you an answer.  Some hospitals are very strict about what they can take.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a quick email or leave a comment

Happy Sewing!



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Baby Ricardo born at 31 weeks 4lbs 1oz, wearing a reversible smock.

Preemie 6lb doll in the serged version from a generous pattern tester from

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