Day 5 ~ Fall Dress Swap Dress #1!

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So this is the first of my 4 dress swap dresses I am making for swap on my sewing forum & I have to say I will be having a very hard time seeing it go! It is a size 4 and I plan on making another one like it out of a different fabric. Anyway I call it a ‘franken pattern’ because it’s not really a modified pattern but Sam’s Miss Mary & Miss Olivia Paige literally put together (taped one piece on top of each other & cut off what I didn’t want) with only a few minor adjustments. I used the skirt from the Miss Mary.

I seriously LOVE how it turned out!!! I got the idea from another mama who did it while testing out the Olivia Paige pattern and I just love it! I also like that the Olivia Paige can be worn ‘backwards’ or either way & it is still super cute.  DH doesn’t want me to send it off to the swap, I told him I would try & get more of the fabric after the end of my ‘fabric diet’ this month.

Carlie was listening well this morning so while her sister & brother were destroying their rooms we snuck up stairs to take pictures!  I didn’t realize how light their hair got this summer until putting her in a brown dress!

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  1. amy S
    | Reply

    I love it!! Carlie looks great in it
    and those colors would compliment Lindsey perfectly too if you wanna make more to sell 😉

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Our walmart is sold out of it so I can’t get more! If you can find some at Burlington (I won’t be up that way for some time) I can make you one, email me with her size & I can tell you how much it would take & how much it would cost. There is another brown/blue fabric that I think would look great with her hair though it’s florals & not butterflies.

  2. Peta
    | Reply

    I love it. The fabric is gorgeous and I’ve put both those patterns on my wish list.
    Well done Kymy

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