Shopping time!

This year the black friday ads are OKAY, but honestly nothing to extreme.  BUT I have been finding GREAT deals online 🙂  In the last few days I have earned $50+ in cash back buying stuff I planned on getting anyways.  For the cash back I used Ebates which now as 1200+ stores & offers 1-25% cash back on your purchases!

Then I get lots of coupon codes from one of my favorite online coupon code sites RetailMeNot.  Combining those discount codes with a lot of the current sales & free shipping offers it really starts to add up!

Also one of my favorite BF sites offers a GREAT shopping list tool plus they keep track of the online sales too!!!!  BFAds

Time to start getting the turkey ready to soak so I can start smoking it in the morning… Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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