Messed up shirt…

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So this cute pattern is Jalie 2794.  You can’t tell as much with this print in this picture, but I messed up on my gathering on the arm seam of the bust area… it wasn’t as noticeable until I sewed the shoulder flaps down.  It is quite flattering as well!  I made a size 6 US or S Jalie, which fits nicely, even with me being so busty which I like.  Besides NOT messing up I think the only change I will make next time is stretching the elastic on the center front longer to give it more gather because I am bustier… this may not have been an issue if I had made a larger size, but then it would have been to wide.

Anyways other that & me messing up I am really impressed with the pattern.  Which is a good thing because during the last few co-ops I have ended up with about 15 of their patterns & they all look really cute!

I am pretty sure I can save this one with about 30 minutes of improv… but if not its okay, the fabric was only $2.88 a yard at walmart & I only used 7/8 of a yard

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    The nice thing about a busy pattern is that you can’t see minor mess-ups. Nice job!

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