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There is no shortage of creativity & craftiness on EM!  This week my feature is about my good friend Liza & the business that she & her best friend started together DL Personalized Gifts.  They have awesome party favors & TONS Of great personalized gifts… perfect for the holidays.  She has a couple of neat things going on this month…  first off the first 5 orders to mention my blog (Kymy from EYMM) will receive a free bonus personalized pencil box!  They come in 4 colors & like everything on their site comes personalized.

Also she has another no purchase required giveaway!!!  Like with past giveaways post a comment about the products on her site or blog about them with a link back to this blog post & you will automatically be entered for a chance to win 10 free personalized Holiday Cards!  They don’t have pictures of the Holiday Cards on their site, but you can view a slide show here… http://s175.photobucket.com/albums/w137/lpizarro/DL%20Personalized%20Gifts/?action=view&current=2fcde029.pbw.  Like always limit one comment entry & 1 blog entry per person.  Contest starts now 10/17 & ends 10/24 at 6PM PST.

Now for some info about Liza & Daniela!

Hi, my name is Liza Pizarro-White and I started DL Personalized Gifts with my best friend for the last 21 years,  Daniela Hudock.  We have now been doing this for 4 years.

[Daniela] We love to create things that are useful and make children smile. Kids love to see their names on things. I wish there were more stores like ours as children, since our names were nearly impossible to find. As far as our invitation/card line, we love to creat cool trendy designs that make the item unique. We customize each of our invitations to our customers need, including language, theme, etc.

We got started because of our children. We wanted to send the birthday party guests home with a creative useful party favor. We were tired of getting sent home with a goody bag filled with candy and small plastic toys. So, our first product was a personalized hair kit filled with a personalized brush and hair accessories. That holiday season we sold them to family and friends…and that was the start of DL Personalized Gifts. As we thought more about this new business we added a full invitation/holiday card line that was customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We are definitely finding success. Every day we are getting postitive feedback from our clients. Our business has bloomed mainly by word of mouth. Most of our clients are local so we’d love to get the word out to others who can enjoy our products.

Daniela was an elementary school teacher who always used creativity to make her lessons more fun for the kids. I am a computer software training specialist who was always into creativity and coming up with ways to make computer training more fun. Scrapbooking was my first love and then onto creating unique greeting cards and birthday invitations for my family.

We feel that now that we are mothers, we know what children enjoy and choose our products based on that.  But we also feel that it’s always important to make time for yourself. With the busy lives we lead, we take this opportunity to spend together doing things we enjoy.

The kids love to mimic what their mom is doing and sit down and draw while I work. I have learned a lot from my kids.  When it comes to my products & art is that kids love color! The more color the better.

If you have any questions or are interested in any of our products please feel free to contact us.



Here are some pictures of their great products, simply click on the picture to go to the store!

12 Responses

  1. Gloria
    | Reply

    Your stuff is adorable (and affordable)!

  2. Melody
    | Reply

    I like the tote bag! It’s so roomy & really cute.. Love it!!! Definitely the bag to have… 🙂

  3. Hui Shan
    | Reply

    Mini Brief case is my fave!! It’s so cute yet functional.. All kids would love carrying this around..

  4. Chrissy
    | Reply

    I’ve never seen Personalized Tea Bags before- what a fantastic idea! Thank you!

  5. Mel
    | Reply

    I love the Sip and snacks! Liza’s stuff is always so cute, her invites are the BEST!

  6. Summer
    | Reply

    I loved Liza’s magnetic baby announcements she made for me when my daughter was born! They were so cute! Thanks again Liza for those!
    I REALLY want a treasure chest! Its calling my name! LOL!

  7. Lisa
    | Reply

    Great ideas that are so affordable. Ilove the letter plaques for baby gifts!

  8. ambercripe1
    | Reply

    Our Pirate Princess Party was complete with the treasure chests each personalized with the guests names!! Everyone was blown away with their gifts! I will come back to shop again SOON!

  9. Lisa
    | Reply

    I absolutely love the personalized wagon! What a great baby shower gift. I am ordering one as soon as I know the name of my friend’s baby. I am planning on filling it with baby wash, lotion, cream, bath towells, etc. everything a baby needs!!!

  10. Terri
    | Reply

    Everything is so cute liza……..great job!!!!!

  11. MaryBeth Isaac
    | Reply

    I love the personalized plastic totes – too cute!

  12. Shannon V
    | Reply

    I love Liza’s site. Everything is so cute and well made. She really does a great job!

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