My Gymboree Deals!

Its been a long time since I have gotten to shop & I forgot how much I enjoy it :).  So recently  I sold a bunch of the kiddos outgrown stuff at the WhidbeyPOM consignment sale & put the money aside for the kiddos fall clothes.  I like to get them some new stuff each season & then buy used stuff at the SNOMOMS sale & garage sales when & if I find good deals.

Anyways the fall baby sale is one of the 2 times a year I shop at gymboree for the kids… & I just didn’t have much fall stuff in the closet this year so I needed it more then usual.  Anyways the baby sale sets price points at $10 & $20.  Well if you can get a 20% off coupon then it means its $8 & 16 which is more in my budget!  Especially since I can resell most of it for about 3/4 of what I paid for it which is good for clothes.  I also forgot that I also got $125 in gymbucks!!! That means when its redemption time I will spend $125 & get $250 tagged priced worth of stuff…  that will make what I buy 1/2 off the marked price.  PLUS they will have lots of the stuff I really want from the clearanced lines marked down more… which means the cute dresses that are $25 & less I will pay $12.50 & less for them ). I will have to wait until I see how much I make at the SNOMOMS fall sale before I decide what to do… but it could come in very handy.   Its all their clothes I’m selling so it makes sense to put it back towards more of their clothes! I will also need to pull everything out & count & see WHAT they actually need… but I can always use gymbo gymmies (PJ’s)!

I got $587 in clothes for $279… not to bad plus I got $125 in gymbucks which will basically take 50% off my purchase during redemption if I shop then.  All I really need is a few solid tops for the girls & some jeans from Old Navy for all 3 & they will me pretty set for the fall at least 🙂

Anyways all of the girls stuff I got 2 of each… LOTS of mix match outfits here from the Fall Forest line! Retail $472… I paid $223.

$16 ~ $16 ~ $8 ~ $8

$16 ~ $8 ~ $16 ~ $7.50

ImageFinally the pair of Kitty Play Kitty Striped Gymmies that sold out before I could link the pic!!!
both $8 each

And for Zander! I probably should have gotten him more $8 PJ’s but he needed shirts! Retail $115 I paid $56 The cowboy stuff is from the ‘Cowboy Trails’ line & the pirate stuff from the ‘Pirate Adventure’ line.
$8 ~ $16 ~ $8

$8 ~ $8 ~ $8

Then to make my week even better I went to the local thrift store today.  They RARELY have decent kids clothes & the name brand stuff is often marked high & not great condition.  Well digging through a tub I found these pants & shirt for $2.50 total 🙂 apparently they don’t know that Janie & Jack is made buy Gymboree & even more expensive!  It will make a nice outfit for the little man.  Anyways its this shirt  from the ‘Little Gentleman’ line and these pants from the ‘Rainforest Foray’ line. They were $62 new… so $2.50 isn’t too bad 🙂

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  1. rebecca
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    I love the gymboree blos – I am really frugal and always up for a bargain. Its intersting to read what you get
    for a fraction of the price.

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