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So for the sewing forum (Sewing Mamas) that I belong to we are having a month long contest to get through as much of our stash as we can. There are points & prizes & all sorts of fun stuff. My goal is 500 points VERY ambitious, but I have a lot of stash to get through!!!! So I figured I would post pictures of what I have done the last too days!

Well I finished a crib sheet (1 of 5 to make) & the 1st twirly skirt yesterday (2/1) Then I finished the 2nd twirly skirt the first of 2 Olivia’s for the twins; and I actually sewed for ME. I think this is the first time in a very long time!!! Anyways I made myself a pair of cheeky undies & a pair of ballet slippers!!! Here are my pics…

Total points +17 points

Close up of the corners…

Tractor Sheet

Zander enjoying it! (please ignore the highwater PJ’s I made those last year & her REFUSES to give them up)

Tractor Sheet

The Olivia… this is the first knit AND first striped thing I have sewn!!!! Plus I did it all on my sewing machine cause I can’t find my white serger thread!!! Best part is the fabric for BOTH dresses was only $1.50… .75 isn’t bad! Now just to make the second one! These are a 1/2, so it will be a while till they fit!

Total points +10


Oliva Dress


Oliva Dress

My stripes line up!!!!

Oliva Dress

Next up 2 lovely Valentines twirly skirts!!! I finished one last night & tried it on Baylie this morning & Carlie was having a FIT she wanted it, so I finished up the other one (after sewing it together backwards!) The bottom edge I finished with a rolled hem. I will try to get action shots later they are teething & cranky! This fabric isn’t super soft, but it cost me $1.50 to make them both & the girls are both happy!

Each skirt +7pts….
Total +14pts

Valentines Twirl Skirts

My first ever attempt at mama undies! I am actually EXTREMELY pleased with them. I know the rolled hem looks a hair funky, but its because they stretched a bit when I tried them on, I WILL be making more! They are cheeky panties & have no elastic or bias tape which makes them easy to make, but they take a little more fabric. This was fabric I got at the thrift store months back for $1… & I can make 3 more pairs!

Total +4pts

Valentines Twirl Skirts

FINALLY, my ballet slippers… I like them but the pattern sizing ran a little small… luckily I could tell just by looking at it so I upsized! Next time I will also make the backs a little higher, but all in all I am very pleased!!! Zander calls them my minnie shoes 😀

Total +5pts

Ballet Slippers
Ballet Slippers
Ballet Slippers

Points for 2/1
Crib Sheet +17
1st Valentines Twirly Skirt +7

2/1 Total… +24pts

Points for 2/2
2nd Valentines Twirly Skirt +7
1st Striped Olivia +10
1st Mama Cheeky Undies +4
“Minnie” Ballet Shoes +5

2/2 Total… +26pts



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  1. Mummy_chelle
    | Reply

    I saw that tutorial for the ballet flats too and thought I would give them a go as well. I like yours a lot and have noted the changes you made.

    You go girl with your knickers! Well done. they are so cute!

  2. mom2fur
    | Reply

    You’re doing great! I bet you’ll reach your goal in no time. I think the ‘highwater’ PJs are cute–we call those ‘flood pants,’ LOL! And wow, good for you on the stripes–they aren’t easy. Next thing you know, you’ll be tackling plaid–with buttons, LOL!
    Your Minnie slippers are a riot.
    BTW, I hopped over here from “Sewing Mamas”!

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