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All summer long, I’ve been jonesing to sew up a new maxi dress, but just couldn’t find the time with kids home from school and lots happening the last couple months. So when Tibeca at Sewing by Ti announced that her blog tour this month was themed “My Favorite (Sewing) Things,” I knew it was my chance to put a deadline on sewing my new maxi dress.


I’ve professed my love of the California Dress over and over in the past, so it had to be my obvious choice for the “My Favorite Things” theme. Then I decided that going into fall meant I’d need sleeves soon … California Cardi Sleeve Mash to the rescue!! Of course, I could have sewn the Four Seasons Cardigan separately, but honestly I’d rather just be able to throw on one garment and not add a layer if I don’t have to. 😉

P1050164web   P1050153web

I’ve had this navy and white crosshatch/striped cotton/spandex set aside to make a California maxi for a long time … so long that I can’t even remember where I bought it for sure! LOL! As I was laying it out, though, inspiration struck and I decided to fold it on the bias rather than straight with the grain before cutting so that the stripes would all be angled (and, hopefully, appear more flattering). After folding, however, I realized that at a 45 degree angle there wasn’t enough width and length to cut out a maxi dress without adding a seam up the center (like on my stripes to chevron tutorial). So I stared at it on my cutting mat for a bit, then went digging in my stash for a coordinate to color-block the bottom hem. I’m so glad I found the solid navy because I feel like it really “grounds” the pattern of the dress.

P1050161web   P1050151web

Other than the sleeve mash and color-blocked bottom, the only thing I altered was to leave off the elastic waistband and then slim the side seams just a smidge through my rib cage area. I love how it hugs and then skims over my curves. Plus, not adding a belt to define my waist means one less item to put on when I get dressed and ups the comfort level! 😉

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

P.S. Tibeca has put together an excellent line-up of bloggers. Make sure to check out everyone else’s favorite things all month long!! (Note: The links below will not work until on/after the date they’re scheduled.)


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7 Responses

  1. Jayne
    | Reply

    This Maxi dress looks great …Love the fabric too…Also love the changes you made ….Very nice on you .

    • Joelle
      | Reply

      Thank you!

  2. Julie Maguire
    | Reply

    I love this dress! Great examples of how to customize a project. I haven’t had a moment to read your blog in ages,
    due to moving for the first time in 15 years. It was too depressing to read about sewing when I knew it would be
    months before that was possible for me. I pulled out my machine yesterday. Starting stitching on a guestroom bedspread
    project. Needle broke before a stitch was even made. Had to dash to the new Hobby Lobby, where I finally decided on a pack
    of needles that had only one needle the size that I needed (ball point, heavy knits). I have a whole package of needles that will
    work for cotton/spandex fabric. I was just happy to be able to find my container of needles. My craft room is last on the list of
    getting organized. We suddenly are in the midst of preparing for exchange students who stay the entire school year. Forcing
    me to get lots of things done. Your beautiful dress is a huge inspiration to get more done so I can make a dress too! You are so clever.

    • Joelle
      | Reply

      Thanks! Happy to have inspired you. Good luck on getting organized! 😉

  3. Ula
    | Reply

    It looks great on you! I love how the stripes are all angled and the bottom hem! looks comfy too 🙂

  4. Hannah
    | Reply

    From fabric to color, everything looks flawless. I am getting an urge to make one for myself today :). Thanks for coming up with this post. I will subscribe to your blog to get more posts like this in my mail box.


    • Joelle
      | Reply

      So glad to hear you like it. I hope you enjoy my other posts. 😉

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