Pink Flutter Top for Picture Day

I know that many U.S. schools just started their school year yesterday, but my kids have been in class for 3 weeks already and that means that school pictures are scheduled for this Friday. My oldest has been pondering what she’ll wear for over a week and having the hardest time deciding. It’s extra important to her since they normally wear uniforms, but picture day is a “dress up” day so she gets to show off her favorite outfit to her friends. LOL

I finally offered her the option of a new shirt for pictures and she jumped at the chance, telling me she simply couldn’t choose what was her favorite from among the many options already in her dresser and closet. Silly girl!


She went and looked through my fabric stash and picked out a pink camouflage waffle knit. She asked for a Rain’s Flutter Top, since she loves the fluttery sleeves. Since this knit is quite sheer, I made sure she was okay with the fact that it would need a tank top layered underneath and then got to work on her new shirt.

I was more than okay with her choice of pattern since it is only two pieces (the shirt and the neckband), making it a super quick sew! In fact, I cut it out just before making supper and sewed it up while dinner was in the oven! Yay for getting it done a couple days ahead of time rather than the night before! Haha!

P1090063web   P1090051web

She’s looking forward to showing off her new bright pink Rain’s Flutter Top to her friends! Of course, for school picture day she won’t be pairing it with jean shorts and flip flops. Despite her bottom half not showing in pictures, she’ll have to wear a skirt or school shorts and, of course, closed toe shoes.

I love that she wanted a mama-made shirt for school pictures. This is her last year in elementary, as 6th grade marks the beginning of middle school. Eeek! Can someone tell me how to stop these kids from growing up so fast?!?

Are you sewing anything for your kids’ school picture day?

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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