Callie’s Nightgown is So Cozy

I’ve been meaning to make myself a few more Callie’s Nightgowns ever since I tested the pattern for Kymy way back in January 2014. Last week, hubby and I ordered a new bed and comforter set so I figured this is the perfect time for new sleepwear, too! ūüėČ


I love the curved sides of the hem on Callie’s Nightgown & Nightshirt. I also love that little color pop of contrast hem facing¬†that can be seen when I walk (though my photographer¬†didn’t capture it well … there’s only so much I can request of my 7-year-old, lol).

Luckily, Callie’s¬†is a¬†fairly¬†quick project. So quick that I took the time¬†to add a little visual interest to the front of my solid purple knit and still finished in one short afternoon.


I think that adding the appliqued “goodnight” to the front of my gown took just as long as the rest of the construction! Haha!

I upcycled a polo shirt for the wording, sleeves, neckband, and hem facing. I even re-used the original shirt hem to save myself pressing and hemming the sleeves.

The only change I made was to cut the back as two mirrored pieces, rather than on the fold.¬†Honestly, it was because I was being lazy and didn’t want to rearrange and re-fold my fabric. I just folded the width in half and cut the front on the fold, then flipped my pattern piece around and lined¬†the “fold” side¬†up with¬†the selvage and added¬†a seam allowance along that edge when I cut it out. ūüėČ

P1030259   P1030235

When I tested the pattern, I made the shorter length nightshirt and still love wearing it 14 months later. This time, I made the longer gown length and I think it’ll be nice and cozy for these remaining days of winter.

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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