Brightening Winter Days with Cozy Bowls

Have you seen the meme circulating Facebook that refers to the two stages of winter? The first is “December: A Magical Wonderland of Lights” and the second is “January-Spring: A Cold, Gray Bucket of Suck.” It nails almost exactly how I feel these days! So this week, to battle the “cold” and “suck” part, I sewed up some cozies using EYMM’s Bowl Cozy & Tortilla Warmer pattern.


They are perfect to keep my bowl from burning my fingers (or to insulate so my food doesn’t get too cold when I’m interrupted yet again by kiddos, lol). Oh, and keep in mind that I’m not a food blogger so perhaps these photos aren’t stunning … but mac n’ cheese IS comfort food and it’s quick to whip up for those mealtimes that catch me off-guard because I’ve spent too long at my sewing machine. Hahaha! But, I digress …

The pattern is great since it eliminates the math and figuring often needed in free tutorials and leaves just the fun and easy sewing part. I love how quickly these cozies go together! It always gives me a little jump of excitement to finish something simple and have it look like it took much more time than it did.


The quilting part was the most time-consuming part, but was kinda fun. I haven’t free-motion quilted since back in my 4-H days when I made a “stipple” quilt. I chose to quilt free-motion lines on my leaf fabric, but I did just straight-line quilting on the stripes and followed the dark blue lines with navy thread so that it’s almost invisible.

I think a set of cozies would make a great housewarming present. Or you could throw some together for a college student (who seem to sometimes live off of microwaved food) or for the person who’s hard to buy for because they don’t “need” anything. Heck, make a set to keep in the “gift closet” for when you need something on super-short notice … they’re that easy!


I love my little bowl cozies and they’ll definitely bring a little bit of brightness to my kitchen during the many cold days yet ahead. I am thinking this would even be a good project for my learning-to-sew 9-year-old to try with some supervision (which might happen sooner rather than later since I only made 2, but have a family of 7 😉 ).

Here’s to staying inside with a hot bowl of goodness to battle those cold, gray days of winter that are left! Stay warm, friends!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

P.S. This week I only made a couple bowl cozies, but as the name implies, the Bowl Cozy & Tortilla Warmer .pdf includes the pattern pieces and tutorial for making a tortilla warmer, too. Yay!

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