Bowl Cozy & Tortilla Warmer

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This pattern makes great giftable and functional items!  The bowl cozy is a microwave safe, reversible, one size fits most cozy that is perfect for carrying hot bowls and as a barrier between a hot bowl and furniture.  The tortilla warmer is a perfect way to keep freshly cooked/heated tortillas warm and soft.  Both are machine washable.

WARNING: As with anything that goes in the microwave do NOT leave unsupervised or use for extended periods of time.  Bowl Cozy’s should only be use for 1 heating at a time and be allowed to cool 100% before using again. While they are perfectly safe on occasion they do wear out or a microwave over heats, If you notice any damage or burns discontinue use immediately.

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~PRE-WASHED 100% Cotton Fabric (Cozy 1/3 Yard, Warmer 2/3 Yard)
~1/3 yard 100% Cotton Batting that is Glue & Resin Free (Warm & Natural has one)
~Warmer: 1 package double fold bias tape
~Washable Marker (or other tracing tool)
~Scissors, Thread, Pins
~Printer, Paper & Tape (for pattern pieces)

1 review for Bowl Cozy & Tortilla Warmer

  1. Susan Knight

    Neat idea! What size bowls will this accommodate?

    • kymy

      Honestly it fits a large variety. Most standard size/soup bowls fit without an issue, even smaller as well as slightly oversized ones! The only ones that don’t always fit are the wider, shallower salad bowls.

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