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I get emails through out the year from readers, fellow bloggers as well as shop owners asking to be featured on EYMM.  This year has been crazy & I haven’t had time to offer such to them until now.  I have decided that as part of my usual ‘Handmade Holiday’s’ feature these guest spots would fit in perfectly!

I am looking fellow craft bloggers as well as pattern makers & craft supply shop owners who would like to be featured.  I am looking for new tutorials (you may post it on your own blog as well) patterns/e-books to review as well as supply shops to review.  You may also offer to do a small giveaway along with one of the other options which will help bring the most traffic from my website to yours.  For reviews I will need to receive a copy of the pattern or a small sample of the supplies you would like reviewed in order to write the review.  They do NOT just have to be sewing related!!!  I am looking for all sorts of craft content because my readers have all different types of skills. There is more info about this as well as a place to ask questions on the form.

Word off mouth is one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising you can get.  Why I am looking only for tutorials, patterns & supply related post?  Most EYMM readers are DIY’ers so not only does it fit with the handmade holiday theme, but these items best relate to traffic visiting this site.  Unlike some other blogs I have heard about, I am not looking for large valued items or to review anything & everything just to get something free, I am just looking to do honest reviews to benefit my readers as well as your costumer base.  I also have the traffic numbers to back it up.

My blog is currently averaging 3,500 hits a DAY & has hit over 100,000 hits this month alone & there are still 2.5 days left in the month.  That also being said every year since 2008 I have seen a drastic increase in my blog traffic during the months of Nov. & Dec. because of my handmade holiday’s features.  My site in it’s entirety has had well over 3,500,000 in the few years I have been doing this & many of my tutorial posts still get over 100 hits a day even 2-3 years later.  I can’t promise you will get thousands of hits from it, but I feel that the numbers I have do speak for them selves.  So if you have a newer blog or shop this directed towards DIY’ers this is a great way to build up some traffic!  This is a win win for everyone it helps keep a variety of content on my blog while I am busy with Christmas crafting, gives my readers all they could ask for & helps you get more traffic as well.

I will be looking for submissions starting the 2nd week of Nov. which is almost here up until Christmas.  If you would like to be considered please click on the link below to be taken to the google docs submission form & I will contact you shortly.  As much as I would love to feature EVERYONE it won’t be possible, but I will let you know either way & just because you don’t get picked right away don’t get discouraged I will hold onto your info & may contact you at a later date.


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