THE Coat… AKA Amelie’s Pleated Ruffle Coat

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Let me start off and say this is NOT my pattern.  This has been nicknamed ‘THE Coat’ on many facebook groups and I was lucky enough to get to help test it!  This pattern is called ‘Amelie’s Pleated Ruffle Coat’ and is from Amelie and Henri Patterns.  It is a print at home .pdf pattern and they sell 3 different size ranges that cover sizes infant 3 month up to womens size XL.  I have to say this makes one AMAZING dress coat!

I won’t lie, I was bummed at first to be testing the womens and not the girls… I mean seriously ruffles on a large chest???  NOT a good idea normally.  Once I got it sewed up & tried it on with the sash I decided I liked it but then I had THE idea, lol.  A nice wide leather belt & some stiletto peep toes and I won’t lie… I feel pretty darn attractive!

It used 8.5 yards of light weight 58″ black cotton it would have taken 11.5 yards of 45″ width fabric. This is the long sleeve (I folded them up for pictures), longer & fuller skirted option in a size L so it’s the biggest possible fabric hog besides the XL which should use about the same. The 3/4 sleeve, reg. length with a slim skirted bottom will use 2-3 yards less depending on the fabric. It’s not light but it’s no as heavy as you would thinking wearing nearly a full bolt of fabric would be!  For a winter coat you can always choose to line it with a velour, minky or other warmer fabric.

It went together quite quickly, I got it done over a 3 hour period and that included hand gathering about 350″ of skirted bottom. Yes I used basting stitch, no I’m not crazy, it only took 30 minutes to gather and pin in place while watching TV with the kids and it turned out SO well.

I am so glad I went with all black because I simple love the look & how easy it is to make up!!! I can make bunches of sashes in different colors or buy different belts to match.  It reminds me of the dresses of the 50’s (which I LOVE) & feels very feminine & old Hollywood glam. I can’t wait to make smaller ones in the girls sizes!

If your busty I do recommend adding at least an inch length to the bodice or do a Full Bust Adjustment. It’s more empire on me then natural waist & I prefer natural waist because it makes me look a lot thinner. The final version has a slightly longer bodice but I still think the front could use a little extra length if you are over a DD cup.

This is their first pattern and I have to say they did a pretty darn good job!  The pictures are great, they have a few different fit options and the pattern pieces for the bodice & sleeves are nicely digitized.  The designer & her team are also great to work and more then willing to help if you have questions.

Finally PICTURES I couldn’t decide which was my favorite so you get all 3, lol. This is the women’s L and I have a full bust measuring at XL on the size chart & S/M waist.  I am wearing a slim fitted top & skirt under this (yard sale for ,50 total) I have my thrift store belt ($59 retail for just $2 like new!) in some & the sash that comes with the pattern in the other.  The fabric was $2 a yard at Walmart ($17 total) and amazing heels were another great thrift store find ($200+ shoes like new for $15).  Even considering the pattern is $12 full price I think I look like a heck of a lot more then $50 for this outfit!  I enlisted my cousin for some help and actually had a little to much fun being in front of the camera for once instead of behind it ;).

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  1. Cynthia
    | Reply

    It looks gorgeous! I bought both the child and women’s pattern when they were released. I plan to do a muslin mock-up prior to using pricey fabric but I was wondering if you just used quilting weight cotton on the outer? I found some amazing twills but I wonder if those would be too bulky to pull through the sleeve when it’s turned. Any suggestions?? Thanks a million for the post!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I used all light quilting weight fabric. Twills would work for fall/winter in cooler climates especially if they were lined with a lightweight fabic

      • Cynthia
        | Reply

        Thank you for the response. I will certainly give those twills a-go!

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