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I have to say summer break is over half way done for us and we have been so busy it doesn’t even feel like it has really started!  I have been so busy with so many big changes (no, NOT any more babies, lol) that it’s been hard to find time to sleep let alone blog.

I have decided to stop taking custom orders & sewing things to sell.  Honestly I have ADD and making the same thing over and over again is torture for me!  On the other hand my sister likes production sewing so I sold my cape making business to her.  With that decision also came the decision to finally dive in & do what I really want to do, designing & creating .PDF sewing patterns.  I have been dabbling in it for years creating many of my own clothing patterns and creating many free tutorials, but I have decided if I love designing then I just need to go for it.

I do plan on continuing to offer some free tutorials as well as sharing others but I will also be posting more about my patterns as well.  Thanks to the support of some amazing women I actually managed to get not just 1 but TWO patterns into my Craftsy Shop this week and have a 3rd getting ready for testing.  I have so many ideas & half finished patterns that this allows me to do the creating/design part with out having to sew the same thing over and over and over again.  The feedback from my testers was amazing and one in particular said she was amazed it was just my first pattern, because she would never have guessed, looking at, and using it.

I will post more specifics later BUT for now here are a few pictures & links to my first 2 patterns!

c cover copy pillow edit

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  1. howlermonkeybums
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    Thank you so much for this adorable easy top!!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      That turned out so good!!!! Off to handle your rebate right now, you should receive it from paypal shortly ;).

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