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I know I haven’t been posting much but that’s because I have actually been SEWING!  Around Christmas my vintage Singer started having issues… then my 9 year old basic Bernina Bernette 90e started having problems too.  This led to lots of cussing and a lot less sewing.  After 4 years of talking about it my husband told me I couldn’t put off upgrading my machine anymore (I will keep and fix both my other machines but orders backed up fast).  Why have I been avoiding it?  Well as much as I sew I have learned to appreciate those pricey machines that many beginners & casual crafters have a heart attack when they hear the price tag… and well even though I had been saving & knew it was coming and was worth doing I still had a cheap attack!  I have been calling once a month to see if they got my dream machine as a trade in with no luck, but when I called in at the end of April they told me that that model was being closed out & marked down!  It was still more then I was hoping to pay at $1699 (yeap, that’s right, more then a lot of small used cars!)but considering it retailed for $2999 and I won’t likely find a used one for years and the new model is almost identical & won’t go on sale below $2499 I finally bit the bullet. I am still in a bit of shock but knowing it’s a good machine that will last me another 20 years (the $200-$500 machines sold now a days will not & cost more to get repaired/serviced then replaced).

So what do you ask did I spend a fortune on?  A Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0.  It has so many bells & whistles that I didn’t know about or didn’t know I would use and love.  It drives like a DREAM and is solid.  Heavy is a GOOD thing with sewing machines, it means they actually have metal inside.  While it has hundreds of stitches in my usual fashion I have used 3? lol.  The pivoting foot is AMAZING and has saved me so much time that it will actually make me money thus it’s paying for it self.  The tie of and thread cutter is also awesome and I love the bobbin sensor!  It has automatic tension that you can manually adjust if needed and with it’s IDT system which is pretty much a built in walking foot I am in heaven.  I have been using it the last few weeks to catch up on all the orders & sewing commitments I had made.   I still haven’t named her but isn’t she a beauty?  She is my 6th child, lol.


Does a beginner need the $3,000 Mercedes of sewing machines?  NO.  I have slowly upgraded over the years to get to this point.  That being said many of Pfaff’s machines are still made in Germany and the quality is great.  They also have a variety of machines at a variety of price points for all different needs!  I am very excited to have my dream machine though.

So along with catching up with back orders I had also committed to testing some .pdf patterns for Funktional Threads, FooFoo Threads & RedLabel Patterns.  I have finally completed most of those as well and I will post more detailed info on each later but the exciting thing is all 3 are giving me patterns to GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK TO MY READERS.  There will be at least 7 winners!  On top of the $70 worth of patterns up for grabs I have a few other surprises as well ;).  So if you haven’t already make sure you sign up for the email list over here —————————->>>>>
to get daily email summaries on days I post and don’t forget to share them with your friends!  I was hoping to start today but I have some business related grown up stuff to deal with before it’s time to have some fun, lol.

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  1. Edra
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    congrads! She is a beauty!!!

  2. Diana
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    It never fails the machines go down when one is always in “need” of it .. Never fails .. LOL
    Love the Pfaff (I have an Ambition-1.5) the granddaughters named it Purps -as like yours its purple .. LOL

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