Sewing Pattern Storage Solutions

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I LOVE crafting, but I must say it can be a space hog of a hobby!  Sewing patterns alone are pricey new, so if you are thrifty like me you may stock up at thrift stores or at JoAnns when they are having a .99 sale.  Not only that but thanks to the web I have found a lot of boutique patterns, patterns from Jalie (which I LOVE), pattern magazines & printed .pdf patterns that come in a larger 8.5″ x 11″ size.  For years I have tried to find a good storage solution that would fit both and a few years ago I hit the jackpot and after recent questions from friends I thought I would share!

I purchased 2 of these Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Carts for someone with less patterns 1 would work & you can always use the other drawers for stuff like yarn & trims.  They are only $22 on Amazon with free prime shipping (or super saver shipping with $25+ I believe) and can also be found at Walmart for $25 most of the year and around $19 for funky colors at back to school time.


The drawer fronts are clear so I have an idea of what is in the drawer, but they width and height is great as it will accommodate 2 rows of traditional tissue patterns on their sides with a small trench in the middle or 1 row of tissue patterns & a stack of of larger magazine sized patterns.  I will admit they are plastic & not the most durable thing in the world, but they work well for things like patterns & I often store yarn in the extra drawer!  They come on wheels which has been awesome because they are just the right height to store under my desk, so they are easy to roll out when needed.



This is an old picture… the rare sighting of a CLEAN sewing room, lol.  But you can see where I store them.

I won’t lie, sewing & crafting can get out of control fast, I’m FAR from Martha Stewart!  My sewing room can get just as messy after a crazy month of sewing as anyone else’s as you can see below.  Most of the time it is at more of a middle ground.  BUT having proper homes to store stuff helps a lot!  I love these drawers and they help me keep my patterns organized and make it easier for me to find and use what I need when I have a few unexpected kid free minutes to sew.  Hopefully this will help others out there looking for a good pattern storage solution!

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