Black Friday Shopping Crafter’s Edition!

So for all of my readers who aren’t from the states & haven’t heard of it today we celebrated Thanksgiving in the US making tomorrow ‘Black Friday’ it’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year where many stores finally go in the black financially.  One of the big advantages to crafters is that this means great sales on craft supplies for making your own handmade gifts!

I don’t often go in-store any more because A.) I don’t want to get up at 5am & B.) Some of those shoppers are way to serious about their fabric & craft supplies!  So the last few years I have ordered online because they have offered free shipping codes for orders of $35+.  The downside is you can’t use their 25% in store coupon BUT that doesn’t apply to door busters anyway.  They will also have their online door buster prices slightly higher but it is totally worth it to me to get my stuffed delivered & I don’t have to leave the house!

The other big downside is every year their site crashes!!!  That being said 2.5 hours later it seems to be more stable & I got my order through.  I ordered 95 yards of fleece at $2.99 a yard & 32 skeins of homespun yarn at $3.79 a yard & an OTT-LITE for $19.99!  The best part is I used EBATES first which got me 8% cash back and then I paid with my PayPal debit card which when ran as credit earns me 1.5% cash back making the fleece that is normally $8.99 a yard $2.70, the yarn that is normally $6.29 a yard $3.43 & the light that is normally $89.99 just $18.09!  I wanted some of the snuggle flannel but for right now it won’t stay in my cart for check out so if it’s still there in the morning I will think about it.

An upside to the site having issues is they are posting frequent updates on their facebook page including posting some free shipping no minimum purchase required codes!  Here are a few codes for the website but don’t forget to sign up for or log into your EBATES account first & click on the JoAnn’s link there to earn your 8% cash back!  You can also find printable in-store coupons for 11/25/2011 & 11/26/2011 HERE.

11/25/2011 UNTIL 3AM ONLY:
Free shipping NO minimum purchase WJV328

11/25/2011 ONLY:
Free shipping with minimum $35 purchase  PAC329
50% off one full price item RED329

11/26/2011 ONLY:
Free shipping with minimum $35 purchase JBR330
50% off one full price item YFS330

Now that I am done with my shopping I am off to work on crocheting a scarf for a while & then I am going to bed!  I hope all of my fellow US readers had a wonder Thanksgiving.

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