Built-in Automatic Needle Threader Tutorial

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Recently a lot of friends have mentioned to me that their machines have come with built in automatic needle threaders but they just can’t get them to work!  I will admit it takes a little practice, but once you figure it out you will wonder why you weren’t using it before.

So I made a quick little video while re-threading my machine today.  They don’t all look the same, but all the ones I have used so far have worked the same, the tutorial is from my Bernina.  As a warning the video quality isn’t great & I sound silly, but I think it will help a little.  When I can get someone to help me with the camera I will try to make a slightly better one (it’s a 3 hand project & I only have 2!).

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  1. DeniseS
    | Reply

    It took me months to get it right! I noticed that the better quality thread works best. It is sometimes hard to thread the ‘cheaper’ thread. It works the same way on my new Brother machine.

  2. Amy B.
    | Reply

    Whoa! I feel so enlightened. I had totally given up on this. Thank you!

  3. GMa Sue
    | Reply

    My goodness… my new machine, which I have only begun to really use… has this. I would never have messed with it if I hadn’t seen this! Thank you, thank you…………

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