The 2010 Fall Stash Game Has Begun!

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If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember what I am talking about, if not I will explain!  The large sewing forum I belong to plays a game in the fall & spring (normally Sept & Feb) to help all the mama’s sew and NOT shop.  The point is to sew up as much as you can in the 30 days.  You may trace patterns before hand but no cutting fabric until the game starts & no buying or receiving new fabric (even if it’s free) or you get negative points.  You get points for what you sew and you post pictures of everything as you go… it’s a nice friendly competition that can really help motivate people to get stuff DONE.

Normally I start off each stash game on Midnight of the 1st with my 1st project, but this time I am pregnant & was tired so I just went to bed.  Then yesterday was a long day with dentist appointments & what not, so I didn’t get a ton done, but I did get 2 of the 18 super hero cape orders I have gotten recently DONE.  Nothing to exciting, but 1 yard gone & 20 pts for me :).  The picture isn’t great because it’s from my phone… I need to charge the camera battery because I will be taking lots of pictures this month!

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  1. alison Sinclair
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    that’s really a great idea. it definitely would help me get ready for my upcoming shows, and maybe i’d actually have curtains too for my new pad!! i was going to try to make 30 projects in 30 days….maybe i will revisit that idea.

  2. Penny
    | Reply

    This sounds like a great idea! I have so many projects on my list this should help with motivation! Are the guidelines listed somewhere? I am very new to blogging so I may have missed it! Thanks.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      It’s not a blog thing, it’s actually on a forum I belong too, but it has already started, though you could always play along unofficially! The forum is

  3. Samantha Woodhull
    | Reply

    Just saw a tweet on twitter about the stash game and had to check it out – it sounded something like what I have going on in my sewing room right now. I was hoping to find out more if I could. Sounds like fun. Just getting back into my sewing passion – since my 4 year old just started headstart this year.

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