And the winner is…

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So last night was the deadline for entries to my Holy Moly 1,000,000 Hits Giveaway! The winner will receive a brand new paper copy of the Bananafana ‘The Polka Skirt’ pattern in sizes 12m-3t!

So, and the winner is…

#9 Peta  |  July 25, 2010 at 11:31 PM

Kymy, your blog is awesome and I just love seeing the outfits you make for the girls. I’d like to see some more of those and some of the things that you make for Zander.
And I’d love to see more tuts or patterns that you’ve drafted for sale, that would be great.

Congrats on the success of the blog.
Thank you once again to all my readers who have gotten me to this point as well as all of those who entered!  Now I am off to do some sewing so I have something to blog about :).

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  1. Peta
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    Wow. Thanks heaps, I can’t wait to make some.

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