The Twins Turned 3!

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Well technically tonight at 7:42 & 7:44 they will turn 3 🙂 but we had their b-day party last night.  I can’t believe my babies are 3 already!!!

I know I have been neglecting my blog, but between catching up on Etsy orders, a month of of preschool field trips & projects and then planning the twins party to boot, I haven’t had much spare time!  I promise more posts coming soon 🙂

Anyways the twins asked for a princess party so mommy got to have a little fun.  We had a ‘Princess Ball’ with dancing, crafts, a pinata & cake of course!  I made their invites on the computer & printed them out of 4X6 photo paper.  The one downside to their b-day being the 29th is it often falls on Memorial Day weekend so some of their friends already have camping plans.  Add that to the fact that it seems like everyone is sick right now & we ended up with a small group of 11 kids total including my 3 which was down for the nearly 20 that we originally had RSVP.  But I have to say, it was one of best parties ever!  Trying to get a bunch of 2-7 year olds to listen at once can be a challenge… but everyone would sit in a circle & wait for instructions… including when it was time for the pinata… that’s right 10 other kids sat quietly in a circle waiting for their turn!  Then when it was present time everyone got their presents & sat in a circle & took turns bringing the gifts up to the twins in their ‘throwns’.  Take it other times they were running around being loud kids & having fun, but I was just amazed at how well they could sit & pay attention… I have been to  a lot of little kids parties & normally at pinata & present time almost everyone is pushing & shoving to be in the front.

Anyways it was a blast!  I rented a local hall for $55 instead of trying to do stuff in our backyard which was good because it ended up pouring out all day instead!  We had foam tiara’s & crown kits from oriental trading company for all the kids to make & that was a HUGE hit.  I also brought some crayons dumped in bowels & printed off some coloring pages of a princess, frog prince, prince & castles for the kids to color!

I stamped brown lunch bags with a pretty crown stamp & but some bubbles in each bag & then gave them to the kids for the pinata candy.  The pinata was a whole ‘nother thing… we have been to 3 parties with pinata’s in the last 6 months…  The kids are young enough that they don’t need to be blind folded & I had a hard but plastic bat.  At the other parties even with the bigger kids they were able to last through all the kids at least once just letting the smallest kids go first at the last party on the 2nd go around Zander broke it open, but it had already been beat on by a lot of kids & he’s normally one of the more gentle ones SO last night I start off with the littles girl first, then the twins… well then most of the other kids are bigger then Zander & I know they can swing that bat hard, so I let Zander go… yeah one swing & he busted it completely open and all the candy was on the floor! It caught us all off guard, but man has that kid learned how to swing!  A lot of the bigger kids were bummed, but they were happy when we let them beat the snot out of the empty pinata later.

Gifts was funny, now other parents know what I go through!  A lot of the kids from school remember who is who because Baylie loves purple & Carlie loves pink, so they picked out pink & purple gifts that were the same type of toy or item for them and the parents used some sort of pink & purple on the wrapping to tell them apart… well they all wrapped them & then got them mixed up & use the opposite color bows, bags or pen!  It was so funny because the girls would open them look at each other & say ‘hey that’s mine’ and switch!

Something else I did differently this year & plan on doing for the rest of their b-days is they each had their own cake and we sang happy birthday to Baylie first she blew out her candles & then we did it all over again for Carlie.  To see the glow in their eyes when everyone sang to JUST THEM was amazing & made me melt inside.

Their party couldn’t have been more perfect!

Now for the part everyone else cares about, their dresses & pictures!  The main shape of this dress started from the Feliz Party Dress pattern, but it was extremely modified!  I did the ruffles on the back last week & then waited until Thur. night to cut out the rest & sew it all together.  I made them a tad big, but they are due for another growth spurt soon so at least I know they will fit after all the work I put into them!!!  The pictures against the wall… Carlie’s are when I finished the dress so it is nice & pressed and has yellow chalk markings on it she also wouldn’t let me tie it right so it looks sloppy in front on the picture.  After I finished them & tossed them in the wash to get the chalk off my worst fear came through, one the back where the elastic is in the white I used my yellow chalk wheel to mark the lines to sew… well it didn’t wash out!!!  I have never had an issue before & wanted to cry, I washed them 2 more times and got it lighter but had to put them in the dryer on low because it was 4:30 & the party was at 6!  So by the time they were dry I didn’t get to iron them & I was ticked off about it after all the work I had put in… the twins loved them, everyone in the party loved them, but as a sewing mama that wanted them to look perfect I am still a little bummed!  Anyway these pics of Baylie were taken after the party so her dress isn’t ironed.

Princess Carlie…

Princess Baylie…

Then my sister made them their own cakes 🙂

Then some party pics 🙂

I may have to iron them on a sunny day do the girls hair & get my friend who is a photographer to take some nice pictures of them in them!

I better get going, time to have some birthday fun!  We keep asking the twins what they want to do today & they both keep saying ‘princess party!’ when we tell them they already had one they keep saying ‘ANOTHER princess party!’ lol, to be 3 again!

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  1. Lynda
    | Reply

    Great job with all of it, beautiful, memorable and everyone was so good. That’s wonderful!!

  2. Made by Ma Mère
    | Reply

    Sorry for my langage but I’m writting from France. How nice are your daugthers and the Felix dresses are really beautiful princess dresses. It may be late but I wish them a happy birthday.
    It’s always a real pleasure to read your blog.

  3. Tracey
    | Reply

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! Great ideas and patterns!
    I have awarded you 😉

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