1 Frog Prince & 2 Flower Fairies DONE!

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And I still have 2 days until Halloween, that never happens!  This years costumes are semi-homemade Smiley.  It started when my ex got an Old Navy frog costume at the thrift shop for $3.  My son fell in LOVE with it.  I asked him if I could make him a crown & he could be a frog prince?  He fought me on it until I made a crown & then he asked me to sew it on Smiley.  I made it cute & whimsical… which meant making something from scratch, because all the patterns & tutes are for king/royal style crowns.  Anyways I used scrap felt, pipe cleaners & some glue I had sitting around.   The best picture I have right now is of him in his car seat this morning. Not bad for $3.50?

Then I decided if he was going to be a whimsical frog prince that I would make the girls flower fairies Smiley I already had the wings & wands… I got them at Wal-mart for $8.  Anyways I had 6 yards each of pink & purple tulle in my shelf, so I got a couple of fake gerber Daisies for $2 each & dug out the green tops I made them for their birthday fairy outfits!  Anyways I am SO happy with their tutu’s, I made them last night (NOT no sew, I took pics for a tute, MUCH faster then no sews!) & I glued the flowers to bobby pins!  I just loved how it all turned out.   Not as cheap as their brothers but way nicer then what I could have paid $20 at the store & I already had most of the stuff, so it was only $2 out of pocket for each of them!

Carlie, my pink flower fairy!

Baylie, my purple flower fairy, making her adorable ‘punkin smile’ while singing a song during circle time for preschool.

I can’t wait to get better pictures on Saturday!

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  1. Sandie Greene
    | Reply

    What cute costumes.ou did a great job.

  2. Frog Prince Guy
    | Reply

    Love the frog prince costume. Looks nice and warm. My son went as a robot, cut from a cardboard box. He found it a bit chilly, and his arms were so far apart that he could not grab his Trick or Treat bag with both hands to hold it open…He still got lots of candy.

  3. suzy
    | Reply

    I love the tutu’s how much tulle did you use and what length?
    what lucky kids to have such a talented mom!!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      It’s 6 yards in length… & it was 52 or 54″ wide…. anyways I cut it in half & then folded it in half so I have 4 layers of tulle on the skirt.

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