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So after much hassle, failed muslin attempts and the washing of ivory silk I had (it’s not ruined, just got more slinky after washing & didn’t work for my dress!) I finally went back to the failed top that I originally started with……not-the-dress/

Well after tying a few knots in the top I got a much better fit! I did just a shorter bubble skirt that I thought would work better for what we were doing. The biggest issue that I was bummed about but had to just deal with wast the fact that the fit on the waist is a little off. I have lost weight since I first made it… I adjusted the button placement but since I literally finished it the day before the wedding I didn’t have time to take the darts in more! That in combo with the skirt being a little flat at times I am not super happy with the pictures, but I really do love the dress.

It has a little bit of a Marilyn Monroe vibe! It is make out of the muslin because I didn’t have time to make one out of nicer fabric!

With all the ciaos & nothing going right literally until the afternoon of the wedding (yesterday) it really did turn out perfect! I may have to take better pics at some point because with the wind she kept managing to get bad angles of the dress & it makes me look heavier then I am which is a bummer since I have worked so hard to lose 38.6lbs!!!

Once I have a little more time I will post more wedding pics, I promise!

Little monkeys running around while everything was going on…

I love this pic, but the sun messed it up… I need to photoshop it!

SM SG Points
UFO ~ Bodice ~ 1pt
Yardage (addtional) ~ 2 ~ 16pts
Notions ~ Regular & clear elastic, size tag, label, buttons, ribbon ~ 6pts
Hand sewing ~ Buttons ~ 1 pt
Total ~ 24pts!

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  1. Christephi
    | Reply

    I don’t know how this dress could possibly be making you look heavy in any way. You look fantastic! Stunning! Gorgeous! And very happy! Congratulations on tying the knot!

  2. Eve
    | Reply

    You look so beautiful, & The dress is great.

  3. chimpsgomoo
    | Reply

    Congrats! I love your dress, very nice and you are so brave, I couldn’t make my own wedding dress! I cannot WAIT to see wedding photos 😀

  4. Jessica
    | Reply

    it was so perfect! And a few safety pins later no one knows the difference!!! And the ceremony was perfect! now I just want a good picture of that cake… 😀

  5. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I would like to let you know that your blog post, Jalie 2568 ~ Brazilian Hipster Panties, has won you an award bade over at Budget Friendly Blog Awards!

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  6. Peta
    | Reply

    Just beautiful Kimmy. The dress looks stunning. The photos are lovely, it looks like it was a wonderful day. Congratulations.

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