The Joys of Potty Training Twins!

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We have slowly been working on getting the twins potty trained & we have good days and bad!  Well today I had to dash out of the house to pick Zander up from preschool so I left the girls in their big girl panties with B.  One of the tricky things with having 2 kids, but especially 2 the same age is one of them can manage to sneak off!  So while he was sitting Baylie down on her potty & they were talking about putting her pee pee in the potty Carlie snuck off & pee’d in my boot!

That’s right, my little girl hid in the corner squatted over my boot & pee’d in it!

I got home to see a pile of towels on the floor… I said ‘We must have had an accident?’ and I saw a very odd & slightly irritated look on B’s face ‘Well Carlie snuck off while I was helping Baylie… and she pee’d in your boot!’.  All I could do was walk away laughing so the twins couldn’t see.  I know B wanted to just crack up too, but he wasn’t because Carlie was in time out for it.

I am sure there will be many more fun stories to tell (whether I think they are fun or not!) as we continue down the road of potty training!

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  1. Kyla Koontz
    | Reply

    That is funny and I bet that makes you smile and frown at the same time. you know what my son did? He decided to empty the flower pot outside and poop in it about 2 weeks ago, gross, silly kids.

  2. chimpsgomoo
    | Reply

    I shouldn’t laugh but, in your boot! Oh no! lol I don’t envy you, my 2yo is not anywhere near ready to potty train, and I can’t imagine two at once! Good luck to you 🙂

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Don’t worry, all I could do was laugh when I heard… as bad as it was it was 10X funnier. Just hard to keep a straight face while telling her that was naughty.

  3. Angelle
    | Reply

    I am trying to potty train my little girl and when she has an accident I wonder if it is okay to scold her. I don’t want her to feel bad about herself peeing but I also want to stress that this is the wrong place. It’s a fine balance that I don’t quite understand yet.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Having an accident is one thing… & we normally just sit on the potty & talk about it. But intentionally peeing in someones shoe… that’s another thing!

  4. Morgan
    | Reply

    My sisters-in-law had a cat that would pee on your shoes if it was mad at you.

  5. Jessica
    | Reply

    omg, mom told me she did this…but reading it as you typed it had be laughing! I am so glad I only have 1 two year old! Thus far the potty is understood as the place to potty…now if only could get her to tell mommy when she needs to pee!!!

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