Backyardigan’s Hospital Gown

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Well after posting Baylie’s Tinkerbell hospital Gown the other day I had a lot of positive feedback & some interest in people wanting me to make them.  One blog reader actually asked if I made them for little princes… I figured of course I could!  Her 22 month old son is going to have surgery in a few weeks & she thought that this would make it a little less scary for him.

Luck had it I just so happened to have some Backyardigan’s fabric in my stash & that is one of his favorite shows along with VeggieTales :).  So with some major changes to the pattern I drafted for my princess gown (removing all the ruffly stuff & making a gender neutral neckline).  Surprisingly it all went very smoothly considering I hadn’t thought it all out before cutting & going!

Anyways I think it’s a great gender neutral design & I am sure a little boy is going to LOVE this one 🙂  It is already packed up ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

Time for pictures!  They SUCK because the kids did NOT was to take pictures plus I left my Nikon in the van & I didn’t trust leaving Baylie in the gown while I went & got it so I used my point & shoot… and they would ONLY stand in front of the dang window.

Anyways the twins are just in a size 2T & Zander is just starting to fit into 4’ the sizing seems right on 🙂






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  1. Michelle jones
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    Have you made a tutorial for this adorable toddler hospital gown. My daughter is having surgery in a couple weeks and I want to make her something special to ease her into her short hospital stay.

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