1 Laser Treatment Down!

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Don’t know for sure how many are left to go… but at max 7 over the next year. (if you didn’t see in the last post Baylie is having laser treatment for a large port wine stain on the upper part of her back.)

Baylie’s first treatment was a success!  The horror story of getting there is another story, but we made it safely just late.  Anyways since they weren’t doing any cutting they let her wear her special gown the whole time!  The nurses & doctors were all in awe & loved it.  It was actually a very nice ice breaker for Baylie  because she was overwhelmed by all the new people… but if you ask her about her princess dress you win a place in heart!

It was funny because when they asked where I got it & I said that I made it suddenly more nurses were ‘stopping by’ to check in.  I thought it was funny… people still use sewing machines!  But it also makes me all warm in fuzzy inside to hear every time!  The one guy joked that Children’s should hire me to make them for all the kids! lol

And what’s the best way to celebrate?  Mommy daughter fabric shopping of course!!!  I don’t get to spend a lot of one on one time with the twins, so it’s always a treat, & lucky for me Baylie LOVES shopping for fabric.  We got some yummy soft cotton/lycra knit at one AWESOME quilt shop in Everett… I could go broke in there, they carry tons of AH, RK, MM, AB & more!!!!  Plus all the best patterns… no waiting for shipping :).  But I was good & just got the cotton/lycra to make the twins some leggings, though Baylie kept pointing out all the other stuff we needed! We also went to JoAnn’s & got some cute cord to make some school clothes (the twins start 1 day a week preschool in the fall!)  It’s cute, she has to hug each piece after it is cut & then SHE must put it in the cart.

She is napping right now.  I threw her gown in the wash because it had some Vaseline on it from after the laser… I will try to get action shots later or tomorrow.

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  1. Kathya
    | Reply

    I am glad your baby girl is doing ok with the treatment.
    Looking forward to hear more updates about it. <3

  2. Cindie
    | Reply

    Did the treatment hurt? How old is your daughter?
    My daughter has a port wine stain on her face/cheek, and I was wondering about the procedure.

    That gown is adorable!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Well she is only 2 so they put her under at the children’s hospital. The Dr. said if we waited until she was older it would be like getting flicked with a rubber band over & over but it would be a much larger area to cover since she would be much bigger (if we waited until she was old enough to stay very still for a long period of time. That being said hers is about the size of a small adult palm… so it’s much larger. She has some raw spots… it is a little swollen but she doesn’t seem to care at all! With her’s the Dr. said it could take up to 8 treatments… so we don’t notice it being way lighter with the first one, but it is a little lighter & more of a red then purple that it often looked.

      I recommend having a consult with a highly recommended pediatric dermatologist… they can go over everything with you including the different types of lasers, options & reasons to do it know or wait (I don’t know who old your daughter is). I do know that around 12-24 months is when the prefer to treat them if possible because it’s a smaller area, so less laser needed.

      Hope this helps!

      • Cindie
        | Reply

        Thanks for your response. My daughter is 5 years old. Hers isn’t really obvious. A lot of people don’t notice it. But, sometimes, it get’s dark (when she’s upset and other random times), and people will ask me/her if something “happened” to her. I go back & forth about whether I should do something about it before she actually realizes it or has an issue with it–especially because it’s on her face. My other daughter (3yrs) has a stork bike at the nape of her neck. I don’t think I’d do anything about that as she could always cover it with her hair.

        Again, thanks for your post/response. I’m a long-time fan/lurker. I came across your journal by my friend Audrey (sewingmamas).

        • Kymy
          | Reply

          Not a problem! They get darker when they get mad because more blood rushes to them… I have actually used it to gage how upset she really was before. It also gets dark when she gets to warm. Both the twins also have the stork bites on the base of their necks, as well as ‘angel kisses’ on their foreheads… those are much less noticeable! I think you as a mama will do what is best for here either way. At this point (unless it becomes an issue in school) I would likely wait until she is 8 or 10 & old enough to sit the the treatment without having to be put under. Baylie’s was just so large that waiting that long would have ended up in a much larger surface to treat which would me a lot of laser treatments. For her situation we felt it was best to do it now since it would be faster, and baby/toddler skin seems to scar less (always a risk with laser treatment) and heal faster.

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