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If you read my blog often you know that a while back when I announced that I was engaged I also announced that I had found ‘The Dress’.  Well I finally got around to tracing the pattern & making a muslin & Vogue 2962 is just not ‘The Dress’ for me!!!!  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the dress… just the tops just doesn’t work for me.  I found a smaller size of the pattern & decided to make a 10 & up size the bodice if need be, because I had been warned the chest area was very full… well considering the envelope says a size 10 is a 32.5″ bust my 39″ bust fit in it with room to spare!   That being said the pattern pieces them self said the bust was 38″ NOT the 32.5″ the chart goes by & the waist 27″ NOT the 26″ the chart states… & I found that to be the correct sizing.

Anyways I modified the bodice without issue &  modified the bust as well so it would be a little deeper cut… I can’t imagine how high it would have been had I not! But it’s just not it… the cotton muslin I am using it thin… the silk is stiff & will emphasize it even more… & the last thing I need is my boobs looking even BIGGER!  I am sure if I kept modifying I could get it where I want, but I just don’t think it’s worth it!

Because I know people will ask here’s a pic…  I know it couldn’t be worst… but I’m moving on!  This is why you never cut into the good stuff first!  So now I have 6 yard of ivory silk to make a dress with… time to search for more dresses!


That being said I have an idea to reuse the muslin for something cute… we’ll see how it turns out!

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  1. Debbie
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    I agree. The shape does nothing for you on top. Makes your boobs look like huge peardrops. Being a big busted girl myself I found that a strapless straight across worked best for me at minimizing my boobs but it really does depend on the person and the body type. Looking forward to seeing “the one” eventually.

  2. Cisa
    | Reply

    I swoon just a little bit everytime I see that dress pattern but never actually buy it for myself. Good to know about the copious bust, as I do NOT need any addition in that area. Good luck on your search! I really should get back to work on my dress…only 6 weeks to go!

  3. thelandofka
    | Reply

    Awww…that’s too bad that it didn’t turn out like you wanted. I can see your point though. The muslin will be a cute top or something! Good luck on your continued search.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Well I have a plan to modify the top & turn it into a cute dress still maybe… we’ll see.

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