I’m in a sewing article on AOL.com!

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I think I briefly mentioned something about this a few weeks back, but I was emailed about being part of an article about the ‘Sewing Renaissance’ for AOL’s DIY section. Judy (who is writing a book ‘Sew Retro’) had stumbled upon my blog at some point & wanted to have me take part in it. Anyways it is done & went up today!


To get to the different lady’s featured click on the pictures & scroll through… mine are the only ones with kids in them even though almost all the ladies have kids I was apparently the only one who sent pictures of them?  I am very happy with the blurbs about me… a little disappointed that they didn’t use the picture of me that I sent in, especially since most of the pictures of the kids I had in mama made were horrible & I couldn’t take new ones because my sewing machine broke in the middle of make the girls stuff that fits (they grew since the last batch of dresses).  But I get it, because my girls are totally cute!  I was even able sneak a pic of B in… his mama is gonna like that!

Anyways I am really excited & just had to share!!! I am super excited she used the part about my grandma because she meant a lot to me & I miss her!!!

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