Almost There!

Well its been a long couple weeks!  As of tonight I have completely cleaned & de-cluttered 8 rooms & 2 hall closets!  Not only that but they have been remaining clean which is always nice.  So now I am down to the 2 biggest messes & challenges, the dining room and sewingroom/office.  The dining room is the catch all for the main part of the house which is one of the main reasons I have put off cleaning it until now… I can’t clean it if there is no place to put the stuff that is in there!

I got to say it feels really nice to know that 2/3rds of my house is CLEAN & staying that way, even if the twinados have other plans.

Though I haven’t had a chance to blog about it I have been getting a LITTLE sewing done here & there!  I am finishing up 4 more super hero cape sets that I need to get mailed out tomorrow.  I have also made a couple insulated coffee cup cozies.  I think these will make great gifts for the holidays.  I may even try listing a few in my etsy store.

Also for the first 2 weeks of Dec. I plan on sharing some hand made holidays gift ideas!  I have hundreds of free patterns & tutorials saved in my bookmarks… too many to post at one time.  So I am going to organize them & share them in groups as often as I can :).

Well break time is up, time to face my fear & tackle the book case & then the table.  When I get to rooms like this that are just out of control I find its best to break it down into mini projects.  Now that the one room at a time has worked, I am going to go one pile at a time for the big stuff!  Wish me luck, hopefully I will be back to blog soon… I still need to finish the girls Thanksgiving dresses!

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