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I met Amber 3 yrs & 1 month ago (yes I remember the date!) when I joined my very first parenting forum.  We even got to meet up on a visit I made to TX just a few months later.  In the last 3 years I have seen what an amazing leader, mother & wife she is.  She can seriously do anything!!!  Recently she has really found her calling for baby wipe travel cases made with AMAZING fabrics!!!!  They make great baby shower gifts & Christmas presents!  The wipes inside may be for the baby, but shouldn’t mom get to carry around something that looks awesome? Another thing that is cool is that she buy all her fabric on Etsy, so not only are you supporting one, but really 2 members of the Etsy community!  She is also starting to branch out with key fobs, & I am sure she will have even more stuff available soon.

Whats even more awesome?  She has decided to giveaway on of her awesome wipes cases!!!  It is a Amy Butler French Wallpaper – Duck Egg Wipes Case. It also has an elastic band in the back so you can stick a few diapers in it! The art of changing diapers has become a fashion statement! Bold and powerful fabrics for today’s Mothers!

How to enter?  There are 2 ways to enter & each person may enter via each method one time (maximum of 2 entries)

The 1st way to enter is to leave a comment to this post about what you like in Ambers Etsy store or for the features on my blog!  Make sure that you have your email included in the email box when filling out the comment form if you don’t have a blog or website that I can contact you at.  Your email will not be shared, but should NOT be put in the general text where everyone can read it.

The 2nd way to enter is to post about my blog on your blog!  Share this feature & or contest with your bloggers for a 2nd entry!  WordPress will show me the track backs & incoming links.

The entry period starts now 10/10 & ends 10/17 at 6PM PST.

Now for a little bit about Amber!!!

Howdy, I am Amber Cripe of Amber Cripe Designs! I am also the creator and a very proud member of EM! Each and every day I wake up wondering how the momma’s are and what is going on in their lives and homes. It is such a blessing to have each of them in my life. Since I can remember, I have been crafting. I honestly think I was born to create.

I have been making baby wipes cases, and baby items. I love to make a little of everything, but the wipes cases are my passion. I have dabbled in jewelry and purses, but baby items make me happiest in the end. I finished a baby wipes case and a blanket for my cousin who is expecting her first baby (any day now!) and just smiled when it was done. I held the blanket in my hand thinking “this will be wrapped around her angel”. Each one of my wipes cases will be in the hands of someone who is taking care of precious cargo. That makes me so happy!  I decided to open my Etsy store earlier this year not knowing what to expect. I have to say I am surprised that I have done as well as I have. It is a lot of work, but it is what I love.

When I was little I remember my Dad taking me to Michaels and letting me pick something out to do. It was something that I looked forward to. Even now I look forward to walking into craft stores, there is something about the smell of them that gets me going.

My methods have changed some what. I have to put things up or away when I am done so that can put a pause on the creative juices! When I get them back down I have to get back into the groove, and at times I switch gears instead of getting back to where I left off. I also don’t have as much time to spend on my crafts as I use to, but I do the best I can.

People ask me how I have time to craft all the time. I think I craft in my sleep. When I wake up I am ready to get my hands moving! This has a lot to do with my home looking like 3 kids live here. Oh wait, they do. Anyway, I can’t ignore my calling for crafts. I answer almost every call they make.

My daughter is only 5, but she loves to ‘help’ me with my crafts! I let my children express their creativity. I am a mom that doesn’t freak when crayons are used on the walls. It will come off or can be painted over… no worries!  Before kids I did not craft kid or baby items, so I have learned what I personally would like to have as a mom. So the items that I create now are very different from 10 years ago… so it makes me wonder what I will be creating 10 years from now! I have also learned that art doesn’t have to be rushed.

Take a minute and step into my shop. Window shopping can be so much fun… Enjoy!
Time for the best part PICTURES!!!!!  The first case is amazing & my absolute favorite, if my twins were newborns I would be snatching it up!  Simply click on the pictures for more details.

Extra Bling…

Leopard Print…

Vera Bradley Bling…

Sandi Henderson’s Farmers Market Cherries in Fall…

8 Responses

  1. Shannon V
    | Reply

    I love Ambers wipe cases!!!! She does a great job and picks great fabrics!

  2. Doreen
    | Reply

    Hi, I love the City Girl Wipes Case!! Lovely!

  3. mel
    | Reply

    I carry one of Amber’s wipes cases with me at all times. My son is two years old and this is still something that I get daily use out of! You will love these and they make awesome shower gifts!

  4. LuckyGirl
    | Reply

    This is my favorite in her shop:

  5. Tawna Pippin
    | Reply

    The Vera Bradley Bling is definitely my favorite! I’m a new adventurer here on etsy and it’s fun to see so many creative treasures all in one place. Thanks for getting me excited to get back into crafting!

  6. Gloria
    | Reply

    They’re SO stylish. I have 2 and I can’t say enough good things about them. I have a stylish mommy one for my purse and a boyish one for the diaper bag. I’ve had my boys one for almost 2 years now and it still looks gorgeous! I plan to get one for EVERY future baby shower I attend. Thanks Amber for making this mommy stylish!

  7. Ali
    | Reply

    The wipes cases are such a good idea and the fabrics make them look great – especially the cherries one, but I like that she uses fabric purchased from other Etsy members!

  8. Summer
    | Reply

    Sheesh…I didn’t see Amber’s post here until NOW! AHhhh!
    Ok Amber if my BFF and I have 2 of these cases and love them! People ooh and ahh over them when they see me whip out my case! LOVE THEM!

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