Twirly Half Apron

I made a similar apron for a secret sister gift swap with some of my good friends.  I knew I wanted to make her an apron, but also know shes busty which generally means half aprons look best.  So after doing some searching I decided to just wing it & try out an idea in my head… GREAT idea.

Anyways after I made the first one I KNEW I had to have one for myself & I knew exactly what fabric I had to have. I have been waiting the last 2 days to make it cause I knew I had a stash game coming for Sewing Mamas so at 12:30 at night (yes it was after midnight… but the game started at 12:01 & I was up so I HAD to make something lol).

Because of the way I did the waist band… like over sized bias tape it used a LOT of yardage. I also made the straps long so it can be tied in front or in back (a kick I am on lately).  Even though it uses more fabric I will probably continue to make the straps this was as its the fastest… easiest to attach & makes for a strong tie.  I am considering having a pattern printed to put on etsy, but honestly I don’t even know if there would be interest!

Anyways it used 2/3 yard of the Micheal Miller Aqua/Brown Paisley & 2/3 yard of the matching Micheal Miller brown & then about 12″ of matching bias tape. I was gonna put a label in but forgot, oh well!  I got a total of +12 points for it too which is just icing on the cake.

Enough talk… here it is… they aren’t the best pics cause I finished at 1:30 in the morning & just wanted to get to bed 🙂  I promise to post more later.

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  1. shelia
    | Reply

    I love it! I would love the pattern!!!

  2. Geri
    | Reply

    Love the twirly apron. Want to do this for my Christmas cookie buddies. 4 women – 3 kids. FUN!

  3. Omayra
    | Reply

    Since the first time I saw this blog I have made over 15 leg warmers. for my niece, my granbaby and my daughters including my daughter-in-law that wanted a pair for her arms. Thanks you did make it easy.. I will be making them Christmas presents this year and all because of blogs like yours that gave me the courage to try it. Thanks!!!!!

  4. Omayra
    | Reply

    Oh I forgot ;= ) Are you going to have a twirly apron tute? Would love to make 3 for presents even for me.

  5. Manuela Comire
    | Reply

    I would LOVE to know how to make this!…have you posted a patter or directions anywhere??

  6. Tabitha Villarroel
    | Reply

    OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I so want one! Is it pretty easy? I just started sewing so I’m just wondering if this is one I can do. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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