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It’s that time of year again 🙂  the Sewing Mamas Stash Game!  What is the stash game you ask?  It’s a challenge & friend competition between Sewing Mamas to sew through as much of their fabric stash as they can without buying more for a whole month.  You gets points for sewing yardage plus you get extra points for all the extra harder things that you do with that yardage!  At the same time you loose points for buying fabric & don’t get as many points for sewing that fabric… the point is to decrease your stash. In Feb I participated in my first game which I placed 3rd over all & won an Ottobre magazine from Sewzannes Fabrics.  I don’t remember my original goal… I think it was like 400 points, but anyways I finished with 1033!  I had sewn 72.28 yards of fabric & given friends & family over 85 yards that I wasn’t gonna end up using anyways (your sewing style & fabric style does change over time!).  I finished 4 UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects), used 22 different patterns (whether purchased or self-drafted) and finished 93 items… if only I could be this productive year round!!!

Anyways now that I know what to expect I was able to prepare a little more… a lot of the fabric washed & ironed & some patterns traced & cut.  But I still have lots of big plans so we will have to wait & see.   I will start posting my sew & shows soon 🙂

Are you a Sewing Mama participating in the game?  You can download the excel file that tracks & counts your points click HERE.

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