My new pink machine :)

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Well its not new by anymeans, but its new to me… a whole $10 investment from a yard sale!  Then $6 & a couple of cans of spray paint later its like new!  It works & all I just need to get the tension adjusted.  I spent a few hours working on it, stripped it down as good as I could & gave it a scrub.  Then I sanded down rough spots cleaned AGAIN & masked off with masking tape & plastic wrap.  I sprayed it with rust stop white primer & then finished it off with ‘Ballet Slipper’ pink in a gloss finish.  The darker pink is a ‘berry’ gloss.  I also sprayed the case with the ballet slipper pink in a satin finish.

It took some time to do & reassemble, but all in all I a very please!  Here are a few pics through the process.  The last pic was taken before I put the last little cover back on.  Its nothing special, just a Dressmaker 7000 from the 70’s.  Once I get the tension adjusted it will be a good basic machine to have as a back up or to teach lessons on.  Plus its just cute!

Well the pictures that I promised!

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  1. anna
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    I never thaought of that! I just love the pink! There are some decent machines at the thrift store that I might just buy now and fix up and paint up to give to my daughter when she gets older so she can learn on.


  2. shellyfish
    | Reply

    What an amazing find! You’re so brave- I’d be afraid not to be able to get things back together again… it looks great!

  3. sewamazing
    | Reply

    Wow!!! I have that same machine. It belonged to my mother who said that she was gonna learn how to sew, but never did………and she’s had it since the 70’s!!! Well it’s mine now!

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