Personalized Little Girls Floral Apron

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Well its not personalized just yet, as I haven’t put a name on it because it was the first one I made & I don’t know who its going to go to! But I am sure I will find a little girl to give it to this summer! When I do I will put her name on it in white text right in the middle of the upper panel. Anyways LindaF on Sewing Mama’s had posted a picture from this website a while ago & I knew I needed to make one!!!!

And then she posted it again today in another post… I had no children running around so figured what the heck!!!! I have taken pictures & plan on posting a full photo tutorial on my blog in the next few days. I just want to test it out on a little kid (I have toddlers) to make sure the straps are long enough to tie & the neckk strap is a good size.

Anyways heres a couple pics… the one on the white child size mannequin is horrible with the white on white… but you get the point. Also I know the white fabric is a little see through, but I didn’t want to use any of my really good fabric on the test one. This was actually pretty easy to make… it only took about 15 minutes to draft & 30 minutes from cut to last stitch! Too bad all the older kids I make gifts for are BOYS! 🙁

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