A New Shirt for My Biggest ‘Boy’

I was super excited when Kymy said she’d finally finished Parker’s Vintage Fit T-Shirt for Men yesterday! So excited that I pushed aside the 6 projects I’d already cut out and made a new shirt for my husband instead. This pattern took several revisions to get the fit just right and I was itching to try out the final product.


I really wanted to get it all made last night, but I forgot to measure him before he left for his overnight shift. So when he came in this morning I was waiting with tape measure in hand. After measuring him, I found that he was in a medium for chest and shoulder width but in a small for waist size. Since he’s used to a much looser fit anyways (like Kymy’s hubby, mine buys bigger sizes to get the length he needs), I decided to make the body of the shirt a straight medium with the tall length hem.

However, my husband has crazy long arms and, when I measured from center back to his wrist, he fell into the 3XL sizing for sleeve length. To adjust for that, I traced the cap and top inch of the medium sleeve seam then slid it up to match the height of the 3XL cap and used that distance to the hem for the added length he needs. It worked well for the short sleeves, but the real test will be when I make him a long sleeve shirt … but I must go shopping for masculine fabric first! LOL

After figuring out sizing, I made a crew neck, short sleeve shirt with a pocket on the chest. I knew he wouldn’t wear anything brightly colored, so I went with a heathered charcoal colored cotton lycra.

P1110974web   P1110977web

I love the fit of Parker’s Vintage Fit T-Shirt for Men. My husband says he’ll have to get used to the closer fit after wearing bigger shirts for so long. It’s definitely nice to see him in a shirt that’s not too wide in order to be long enough! Thanks, Kymy, for another fabulous pattern!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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