Screaming deal on Amazon Kindles for just $34.99!

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I know you may be thinking ‘How is this sewing related?’.  But it is actually very much related to .PDF patterns and sewing.  One of the hardest things about .PDF patterns is the sheer amount of ink and paper they use if you print out the whole thing.  Many people, myself included have started using their phones or tablets as a a great solution!  Just print off the pattern pieces you need, and then you can download your pattern right through the web browser (requires wi-fi connection for the Kindle).  You open up the .PDF file on your Kindle/tablet/phone and you can scroll, zoom and click links with your device right by your sewing machine.  You can also watch tutorials on YouTube, lessons on Craftsy and more!

This is a screaming deal on Amazon Kindles for just $34.99 right now!  I am not sure how long it lasts, as it just says Black Friday Week (not weekend) so don’t wait.  This is an affiliate link for the blog, but it really is a screaming deal that I would share no matter what!  We have the 2014 models and have been more then happy with them.  I LOVE that this new model has expandable memory with an card slot that takes up to 128mb cards.

Check out the Amazon Black Friday Kindle Deals NOW!

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  1. […] one of the biggest money/ink/paper savings recommendations I have is using a tablet such as the Kindle Fires which are on sale this week, to view the instructions and only print off the actually pattern […]

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